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10 Tips for Purchasing the Best Boombox for 2018

best boombox

Did you think boomboxes were a thing of the past? Think again. There are loads of new boomboxes coming out all the time, and they have some pretty impressive specs. The best boomboxes look awesome and allow you to play music from a variety of sources. They also have amazing sound quality and are designed to be durable. With so …

Guide: The Most Durable Boomboxes

durable boomboxes

Looking for a boombox to take with you on hikes, rock climbing or on any other serious outdoor activities? These have you covered. Summertime is here! And your favorite outdoor activities aren’t complete without your favorite music. Boomboxes are still one of the best ways to play music on the go. When they first hit the market in 1975, everyone loved …

The Top 7 Best Portable Boomboxes

Best Portable Boombox

There are so many ways to listen to music today. CD players, stereos, tape cassettes, MP3’s, Ipad, Iphones, Android phones, your laptop, your desktop, and the old record player. But what if you could consolidate all of those formats (excluding the record player) and bring all of those formats into one unit? You would have yourself a portable, multi purpose, …

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