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10 Tips for Purchasing the Best Boombox for 2018

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Did you think boomboxes were a thing of the past? Think again. There are loads of new boomboxes coming out all the time, and they have some pretty impressive specs. The best boomboxes look awesome and allow you to play music from a variety of sources. They also have amazing sound quality and are designed to be durable. With so …

8 Reasons Your Should Invest in a Sony Boombox

Sony Portable Mega Bass Stereo Boombox

Boomboxes first appeared in the music market in the 80s. It was not uncommon to see people walking down the street with their favorite beats, or to listen to the boombox radio with a group of friends. In the years since MP3s and the iPod, boomboxes have stood their ground. Sony has been one of the pioneers of keeping their boomboxes …

How You Can Still Rock an 80s Boombox with Style

Standing outside of the love of your life’s window with a boombox on your shoulder and your heart on your sleeve is a quintessential 80s scene. Don’t tell us you’ve never dreamt that someday your own version of John Cusack wouldn’t turn up unexpectedly to blast some Peter Gabriel outside your window. We sure have.   Well, in case you …

Top 10 Best Job Site Radio Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

At times, work sites can get boring and monotonous having to listen to the sounds that come from machines over and over. However, you can make your job site a new place by including a job site radio. Unlike home stereo systems, these radios come with several features to make them suitable for use in such environments. You will find …

How To Choose The Best Boombox

How to Choose the Best Boombox

FACTORS TO CONSIDER TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BOOMBOX FOR AN INCREDIBLE MUSIC EXPERIENCE   More than likely, you remember when the first portable boombox options came around. They were a gigantic part of the ’80s, and it seemed that about everyone had one of their own. Having a portable boom box is still an excellent option, even yet today. Today …

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