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Best Panasonic Portable Radio:RF-2400 AM/ FM Radio Silver Review

Best Panasonic Portable Radio

The Panasonic RF-2400 AM/ Fm Radio is a stripped back, portable radio with a small price tag. When I received this product for testing the first thing I noticed was how light it was. It’s the ideal companion for gardening, a picnic or cooking in the kitchen. Light-weight, but large enough to set down on a surface without worrying about …

Top 10 Best Job Site Radio Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

At times, work sites can get boring and monotonous having to listen to the sounds that come from machines over and over. However, you can make your job site a new place by including a job site radio. Unlike home stereo systems, these radios come with several features to make them suitable for use in such environments. You will find …

The Top 7 Best Portable Boomboxes

Best Portable Boombox

There are so many ways to listen to music today. CD players, stereos, tape cassettes, MP3’s, Ipad, Iphones, Android phones, your laptop, your desktop, and the old record player. But what if you could consolidate all of those formats (excluding the record player) and bring all of those formats into one unit? You would have yourself a portable, multi purpose, …

Top 10 Affordable Portable CD Boomboxes

Portable CD Boombox

To present you the reviews of the Top 10 Affordable CD Boomboxes we have dedicated a pretty good amount of time in researching its various features. Our research was based on reviews from verified customers, expert opinions, and extract from social media. Investing the time was worthwhile as we can now confidently place the best boomboxes for you to choose …

Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox Review

Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox

Panasonic Rx-D55GC-K Boombox Reviews And Buying Details 2018   So you are thinking about getting a Boombox again? What’s it been, five or ten years? A lot has changed about the technology with a Boombox. The quality of sound, the options of MP3 playing, tons of features on the remote—but the one dynamic about the Boombox, that hasn’t changed, is …

Jensen CD-490 Bestselling Boombox Reviews

Jensen CD-490 Boombox

There are various CD players in the market that play both MP3 files and other digital files. But what if you had a CD player that was CD-R/RW Compatible built-in with an AM/FM receiver? The Jensen CD-490 Bestselling Boombox offers that plus more. This is a player created by Jensen to fit your lifestyle. Although this is not the biggest …

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