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8 Reasons Your Should Invest in a Sony Boombox

Sony Portable Mega Bass Stereo Boombox

Boomboxes first appeared in the music market in the 80s. It was not uncommon to see people walking down the street with their favorite beats, or to listen to the boombox radio with a group of friends. In the years since MP3s and the iPod, boomboxes have stood their ground. Sony has been one of the pioneers of keeping their boomboxes …

How to Properly Clean a Boombox


You love jamming with your boombox. You appreciate its weightiness, its design and its sound quality. If your box works great and you don’t want to lose that killer sound quality, you need to clean it every so often. And if it’s not sounding so great, then you definitely need to clean it. What Goes into Cleaning Your Boombox? Before you go …

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