Best Panasonic Portable Radio:RF-2400 AM/ FM Radio Silver Review

The Panasonic RF-2400 AM/ Fm Radio is a stripped back, portable radio with a small price tag. When I received this product for testing the first thing I noticed was how light it was. It’s the ideal companion for gardening, a picnic or cooking in the kitchen. Light-weight, but large enough to set down on a surface without worrying about tipping over.


It’s a radio that’s made for simple listening. Yes, Bluetooth, smart radios are great, but at times they just feel a little bit over complicated when all I want to do is sit back and listen to the radio with minimum fuss. Panasonic keeps the costs low by focusing on what you really need: a decent sound, no static and easy to master controls. Furthermore, the Panasonic can be run from rechargeable batteries so you won’t need to keep replacing them.


Why buy the Panasonic portable radio: RF-2400 AM / FM Radio

– If you want something light-weight than the Panasonic RF-2400 AM/ FM Radio is what you’re looking for. It weighs in at just over a kilo so you can take it on walks without worrying about breaking your back. It’s also just 9 by 4 inches so will fit easily into a rucksack, picnic basket or plastic bag. If you want radio wherever you are then the Panasonic RF is light enough to take anywhere and everywhere.


– What’s your favorite station? The Panasonic RF has both AM and FM bands so you’ll have no problem finding it with this neat little piece of equipment. The antenna is long and feels sturdy. I can’t see you having any problem whatever your radio-waves.


– When it comes to a radio there’s nothing worse than tricky buttons. Small buttons break especially when you use them frequently to change stations. That’s not a problem with the Panasonic RF because you change stations using a dial. Simple, but effective.


– For something so small, the Panasonic RF sure packs a punch. The in-built 4-inch dynamic speaker is loud enough for outdoor listening and doesn’t distort even at the highest frequencies. There’s a nice blend between bass and treble tones, it’s not going to burst your ear drums but, for the price, it’s more than enough for everyday usage.


– If you don’t want to waste money, I’d highly recommend getting two sets of rechargeable batteries. This radio has no issues running on rechargeable batteries which keep your overall costs low. Plus, the AC cord is fully removable so you won’t have to lug any unnecessary weight when you’re taking this out on the road.

Best Panasonic Portable Radio


  • For me, the size and weight is everything I’m looking for in a portable piece of equipment. Easy to carry, and balanced enough to set down on most surfaces. Ideal for trips to the park or beach.
  • Simple functionality. Everyone these days wants the latest technology. Sometimes you can end up paying for features that you never really use. The Panasonic RF keeps things simple but has everything you’d want from a portable radio.
  • Being able to use rechargeable batteries really keeps the running costs down over time.
  • It’s a neat looking piece of equipment with its sleek, silver design. Plus, it’s simple and easy to use.
  • Changing stations via a wheel just makes everything easier, I like the design and functionality that come together seamlessly for a superb piece of equipment.
  • The AM frequency is excellent with hardly any ghost stations, imaging or white noise.


  • The FM frequency can be a little muddy depending on your area. Unfortunately it doesn’t perform as well as the AM setting.
  • I’m not going to be able to say for sure whether or not it’s built to last because I’ve only had it a week. Having said that, it does feel a little light which makes me worry about the quality of the product after a year or so.
  • If you’re willing to invest more, you can certainly find radios with a better sound. Given the size of the unit overall though, the Panasonic RF performs admirably.

Final Verdict

My final verdict on the Panasonic RF series is that it’s a simple but effective radio. The advantage of fewer features is that there’s less to go wrong and Panasonic have certainly taken that to heart. If you’re looking for a simple piece of equipment that will get the job done, then the Panasonic RF radio is the one for you.

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