Memorex Portable CD Boombox Reviews

Are you looking for portable CD boombox? You have come to the right place. We know it is hard to figure which one is the best from the many devices on the market at that is the reason we reviewed portable CD boombox by Memorex. We want you to choose like a professional a based on the excellent features it provides you. Our informative below, we will help you understand the features, pros and cons of this portable CD Boombox by Memorex.

Exclusive features of Memorex’s portable CD boombox

  • Play controls: We all love using a device that gives us full control. Portable CD boombox is that device that puts you in control of the sound and everything else. It features control buttons that help you to play, pause or skip to your longtime favorite tune.
  • Universal line-in jack: It is no secret that you are looking for a boombox that will give you full control of your playlist? The Memorex’s boombox is your ideal device; It features a universal line-in jack that you can use to connect to any digital music player with a headset jack. This feature, therefore, enables you to a full access your play lists. If you have been wondering how to reach the play lists on your digital music player, portable CD boombox by Memorex is your solution.
  • Top-CD loading player: Memorex’s portable CD boombox comes with a top-CD loading player that has a programmable memory. This makes it easy for you to program your tracks to play in the order that you like. You have the freedom to decide how the tracks play.
  • Bass boost: Do you enjoy listening to a bass oriented sound? Then you should consider purchasing this device by Memorex. It features a bass boost that helps offer equalization to the amplifier.
  • Strong outer shell: If you love spending your time in the yard or the beach purchasing this product will not be a bad choice. It features a rugged outer shell that makes it useful for toting to outside sporting events, your yard, or the beach.
  • LCD: Everything is going digital, and this boombox by Memorex has not been left out. It includes an LCD that makes selecting of your favorite tunes and radio stations hassle free. Display
  • Stereo FM/AM radio: It is evident that you love knowing what is happening around. This portable CD boombox by Memorex features a stereo FM /AM radio that you can tune in and listen to the radio to find out what is happening around you as well as the weather forecast.
  • User manual: Unlike other portable boomboxes that do not come with user manuals, this device is exceptional. It features a user manual that is intended to help you have a peaceful time when using the product. Therefore, you do not need a professional to teach you on how to use or handle the product.


Memorex Portable CD Boombox


Pros of AM/FM Memorex’s portable boombox 

  • Plays music in MP3 format: Do you have burned CDs and are wondering if you purchase device it can play them? Do not bother about that. This machine plays burned CDs and also D-RWs. This only means that you can listen to your audio books without having to worry about finding a different device to use.
  • Portable: One of the many reasons why this device is ideal for use it is because it is moveable and light weight. This implies that you can move or carry the device without having to feel its weight.
  • Easy to use: The fact that a user manual accompanies Memorex’s portable CD boom box makes it easy to use. The user manual guides you through the steps and thus making the device simple to use.
  • It is small in size: The size of this device indicates that it occupies little space. It can be utilized even with individuals with a small room since they don’t have to worry where to put it.

Cons of portable CD boombox by Memorex 

  • Short battery life: In our research, we found out that portable CD boombox has a short battery life. You will, therefore, have to look for alternative means of prolonging the life of these batteries.



Searching for a boombox that matches your needs is not easy. There are many fake devices on the market. That is why it is necessary to read Memorex’s portable CD Boombox review to it it can guide you on choosing. Based on our in-depth research, it is safe to say that Memorex’s CD portable boombox is a device worth your cash. It has good sound meaning you get to hear everything clearly without struggling or missing a single word. The device sound remains of high quality even when the volume is high.