Top 10 Best Shortwave Radios Review

You and your friends are up to camping on the hills or in a forest, and the technology is yet to reach. At any instance for such an environment, the best shortwave radio is the only medium to communicate with others.

The shortwave radio has been being used for many years not only for communicating but also listening to the music. So, it is an excellent medium to enjoy the time when electricity, internet, mobile is not available.

We have compiled a list of the shortwave radios review so that the beginners, as well as the unskilled users, can choose the desired shortwave transistor within an affordable price.

What is a Shortwave Radio?

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Shortwave radio is an electronic device that can receive and transmits frequencies from 1.6 MHz to 30Mz. The frequency range is strong enough to transmit waves to a long distance. In fact, for this powerful communication, the shortwave radio is also referred to as the world band radio. Most of the time this radio is used for international broadcasts. As this electronic device requires no network, it is used for communication in the emergencies and the relay stations.

Different Types of Shortwave Radio

Working system of the radio depends on the modulation it is used. And so as the types of the radio also depend on the modulation. However, there are several types of shortwave radio, i.e., AM, SSB, VSB, NFM, and DRM.


AM refers to Amplitude Modulation. It is the widely used shortwave radio for broadcasting. The amplitude of the signal carries the instantaneous amplitude of the carries. Most often this AM shortwave is used to carry and control the speech, music, sound, etc. at the receiver end, and the detector simply receives the desired modulation of the signal from the carrier. Widely, the radio works as a receiver end.


NFM is a shortwave modulation refers to Narrow-band Frequency Modulation. This modulation is used to carry the frequency over 20MHz. Due to using large bandwidth, VHF communication uses the NBFM or NFM. Also, this modulation is used for transmitting wide bandwidth. So as NFM is an inevitable part of transmitting FM signal. The only limitation for using NFM is the transmitting capacity to the short-range area which is created by the distortions of the ionosphere.


SSB is an excellent carrier for both high and low frequency. It is referred to as the Single Sideband transmission which is an amplitude modulation form.  Though it carries both frequency signals, it can carry a single signal due to loss of another signal. It reduces approximately 2/3 of the energy required by the AM modulation which is a great safe for the power of transmission. It also cuts the signal bandwidth down than the AM modulation.



DRM refers to the Digital Radio Mondiale which is precisely and widely used for AM broadcasting, FM broadcasting, and specific shortwave broadcasting. It is used for carrying signal below than 30MHz. Though this module is designed to work over the bands, it still works for transmitting the analog data. The digital signal processing used inside the DRM modulation, it works for both encoding and decoding of the signal.


Vestigial sideband is a kind of amplitude modulation that carries one complete sideband but filters the other sideband. Sometimes it is also called as VSB-AM. Though it is similar to the single Sideband transmission (SSB) for carrying single sideband frequency, it doesn’t completely remove the other frequency. Instead, it keeps the desired frequencies. Also, though it requires an almost same amount of power as the AM needs, it can carry the half of the bandwidth the AM signal is used.

Top 10 List For Best Shortwave Radios:

1. Sony ICF-S10MK2 Review- Best Shortwave Radio Receiver

Sony ICF-S10MK2 Review- Best Shortwave Radio Receiver


If you want a robust and portable shortwave radio within a reasonable price, this radio receiver is an excellent choice. It comes with a built-in speaker that ensures convenient listening while the earphone jack enables private listening in the noisy place.

The LED indicator display helps you for fine-tuning of the channel. Also, the telescopic antenna receives the shortwave signal efficiently in any situation which makes it the best shortwave emergency radio. Moreover, the powerful radio receiver carries a strap battery life which gives up to 45 hours lifespan at a stretch.

The Sony travel radio comes with 10% harmonic distortion to make the sound listenable at anywhere. As the output power is 100mW, you can get a louder sound from the battery operated the shortwave radio. Finally, it will be a worthy investment as it is the wonderful shortwave radio for the money.


  • Excellent volume range to listen to the sound.
  • Maximum signal strength to receive the shortwave frequencies.
  • Extremely lightweight to make it portable to carry around anywhere.
  • Sensitive LED display to configure the settings quickly and conveniently.
  • A powerful battery that lasts up to a week to control communication in an emergency.


  • Non-linear volume control which requires special consideration to control the volume.
  • It doesn’t cover the full AM broadcast band, but the setting is perfect to set your desired frequency.

2. Sony ICF-SW7600GR Review -Best World Band Radio

Sony ICF-SW7600GR Review -Best World Band Radio


Who doesn’t know that Sony is one of the best manufacturers of tech products? Like other innovative technologies, Sony has brought ICF-SW7600GR which is the best emergency shortwave radio receiver. It comes with a compact design, microprocessor-controlled and frequency synthesized portable receiver that accesses directly when in action.

The multi-band radio receiver enables FM stereo to listen to the airways in virtually. Featuring all active shortwave stations such as AM, FM, LW, MW, and SW, the best shortwave listening radio is capable of receiving a wide range of frequencies up to 100 stations.

Surprisingly enough the best communications receiver prevent accidental changes by presetting the station setting through built-in hold button. Also, by using 1 KHz step tuning, the Single Sideband allows fine-tuning for the interval of each station at 1 KHz. Moreover, you can listen to the news and the music privately through the 3.5mm headphone Jack.


  • Telescoping antenna to receive both LW and SW signals.
  • LCD to select the stations and to change the settings easily and conveniently.
  • Synchronous Detection Circuitry to beat frequency interference to adjust stations.
  • World Time Clock to display the current time wherever you live.
  • Four excellent and effective tuning methods for fine-tuning.
  • Reliable keypad operation for fast and precise handling.
  • A set of Powerful batteries that last a long time.


  • Coming with DRM reception which isn’t up to the mark for receiving frequencies.
  • It’d be awesome to integrate DAB reception that enables listening to the local radio when you are in abroad.

3. Kaito KA500 Review- Best Portable Shortwave Radio 2023

Kaito KA500 Review- Best Portable Shortwave Radio 2023


You may not know when you need an emergency communication to control over the uncertainties. As danger may come without any warning signs, a Kaito KA500 will be a great assistance to get help at the real-time. It is a 5-way powered radio that can be run with a solar panel. The portable shortwave radio transmitter comes with a set of 3 AA batteries for a long time active service.

Both the AC and DC power input with 5V power adaptor ensures louder output sound. It has comprehensive coverage of a wide range of shortwave stations on air now. Moreover, it comes with 2-band shortwave and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels to inform you when it is emergency or natural calamities.

Furthermore, the 14.5” telescoping antenna works precisely to receive frequencies and signals in any situation. Also, don’t forget to get the mobile battery charger which helps you to charge the radio in an emergency. The built-in NiMH battery is rechargeable as well as replaceable.


  • Built-in solar panel to provide enough power to the radio without using batteries to produce a reasonable amount of sound.
  • A telescoping antenna to receive good shortwave sensitivity for both AM and FM bands.
  • Astoundingly 5 LED lamps to help you in the darkness.
  • Excellent fine tuning with more than 100 channels


  • Self-mechanism needs adequate knowledge for dynamo and crank settings. An unwise and unskilled handling results in a waste of the shortwave radio for survival.
  • No fine-tuning control to produce the desired level sound but excellent to listen through a headphone.

4. Sangean ATS-909X Review- Best Emergency Radio

Sangean ATS-909X Review- Best Emergency Radio


If you are a travel freak to go around different places, the best travel shortwave radio will help you a lot in many ways. Sangean ATS-909X comes with 406 preset memory stations to cover all nearby channels.

Along with the alpha-numeric memory system, the shortwave radio transmitter has built-in 42 city time. Also, featuring the large LCD, the radio shows strong signal with powerful battery life. The Auto Tuning System with manual tuning setting enables to receive signals from the radio stations.

Crafted with robust and sturdy materials, the best tabletop shortwave receiver has built-in 3” speaker. Also, it is extremely lightweight to carry around anyplace you travel. It also features sliding tone control to have an astounding listening experience.


  • 3 different alarms for waking, napping or snoozing.
  • Auto scanning system for good shortwave radio stations.
  • Large LCD with LED backlight for easy controlling and lighting.
  • Powerful built-in battery to provide power for up to 48 hours at a stretch.


  • A slight chirp noise from digital tuning at various parts of AM which can be minimized by fine-tuning.
  • Powerful and longer antenna requires more place to play while you can play the radio without straitening the antenna.

4. TIVDIO V-116 Review- Portable Shortwave Radio Transmitter

TIVDIO V-116 Review- Portable Shortwave Radio Transmitter



TIVDIO V-116 is a compact design transistor with excellent sound quality. The small size fits your pocket while the least weight makes it one of the best portable shortwave radio receivers. It comes with DSP radio chip which receives precisely the signal.

As best tabletop shortwave receiver has dynamic style with beautiful design, it matches with your furniture which enhances elegance. Moreover, it combines all the frequencies along with the capacity of supporting micro-SD card. So, music lovers and travelers like it most to carry with them to listen to the music and weather news.

Equipped with a 21” telescopic antenna, the radio has a great sensitivity which makes it one of the best shortwave radios of all time. Moreover, the radio is crafted with corrosion-free materials to resist scratch. You can also use a USB cable to charge the radio from mobile, laptop when power is off. Don’t be confused here. The radio can run from 8 to 10 hours incessantly with a single-time charge.


  • The reception is great as the sound quality is.
  • Manual tuning helps to get the desired frequency channel.
  • Built-in alarm and a calendar to match from the time of anywhere in the world.
  • Robust materials, sturdy antenna, solid feel and powerful USB port make it incomparable.


  • The absence of automatic tuning may deprive you of getting some stunning channels. But it saves your time to get the news which you want to listen to from your desired channel.
  • The radio requires a little bit of effort to display the time on the screen. A novice can do this without wasting the transistor as changing the setting is easy.

5. Tecsun PL880 Review- Best Shortwave Radio Online

Tecsun PL880 Review- Best Shortwave Radio Online


Tecsun is a multiband radio to ensure fine-tuning for excellent sound quality. This is the high quality radio ever made for great selectivity and sensitivity without an external antenna. Also, it features the full range coverage including all longwave and shortwave which makes it the best portable shortwave radio with SSB.

By using the 452mW and 3-watt mylar speaker, the Tecsun PL880 provides the best sound with high frequencies. You can also use the headphone jack for private listening. Surprisingly enough, this unit comes with a 2000mAh lithium battery that is replaceable and rechargeable. It can provide power that lasts up to 15 days for normal volume.

Furthermore, both the main tuning and the fine tuning knobs fit with all bands. Though it has no auto-switching, the frequencies can enter through the keypad. So, you can exactly connect the desired channel. Moreover, you can set the next/previous channel by a long press on the scan button.


  • Affordable in price with great fun.
  • Built-in microphone for voice recording.
  • The package integrates all necessary features.
  • Powerful backlighting to enlighten in the dark.
  • High-quality construction that makes feel good for smooth operating.


  • A secret setting is available while there is no external MW/LW antenna connector.
  • Kickstand may be a problem for higher volume while an unconscious use of weld lines seem to be breakage.


6. C Crane CC Skywave Review- Best Shortwave Radio Under 100

C Crane CC Skywave Review- Best Shortwave Radio Under 100


If you want a portable radio that includes all sorts of wavelength, the C Crane CC Skywave is one of the best portable shortwave radio receivers ever made. It comes with a large LCD that is easy and convenient to use. The Rotary Volume Knob ensures convenient control over the volume and the settings for the beginners.

As it is a perfect combination of Direct Entry Keypad and Auto Scanning, it is the best shortwave radio for beginners. The radio contains 400 Memory presets to save the channel which saves you from auto-tuning each time or input the wavelength when use. Moreover, you can listen to the radio hideaway through the headphone.

Or even better the C Crane Skywave comes with two AA batteries that run approximately 60-70 hours which makes it the shortwave radio for the money. You can also recharge the batteries through an AC adaptor.


  • Candid build quality with sturdy and robust materials to ensure durability.
  • Integrated bar tuning meter to response and measure the signal strength.
  • Powerful and rechargeable AA batteries to ensure running capacity up to 70 hours.
  • Shortwave performance such as AM/FM/LW/MW is extremely good and responsive.


  • The receiver antenna seems quite short to receive the signal whether the internal settings is powerful enough to receive all desired channels such as weather news.
  • Transmissions seem weak, but it needs an effective setting to get fully activated and strong transmissions.

7. Tecsun PL-360 Review- Shortwave Radio Under 50

Tecsun PL-360 Review- Best Shortwave Radio Under 50


Are you looking for a portable shortwave radio at an affordable price? Stop searching. The Tecsun PL-360 is the shortwave radio antenna that can pick a wide range of broadcasting signals for the catastrophic moment. It comes with four tuning methods which make it one step ahead to the competitors.

Though the Auto Scanning takes all receivable frequencies, it doesn’t fill the memory up for saving the channels. Instead, it offers to access all local stations easily from the channels. Moreover, you can save up to 450 channels which are your favorite. The weather channels will be automatically tuned when you are in a disastrous environment.

Furthermore, the reception capacity of long-range shortwave helps to pick up long-distance AM or weak signals. Also, you will have an astounding listening experience through the radio for its high tone quality and outstanding clarity.


  • Comes with 3 powerful AA batteries and a 5V mini-USB DC input to power at anywhere.
  • Easy Tuning Mode for comprehensive scanning for all receivable frequencies.
  • Only 4.5-ounce weight makes it extremely portable
  • High-quality materials are used for this solid building.
  • Manual lock button to save the batteries from draining while not in use.


  • The absence of direct frequency input may deprive you to listen to your favorite channels. However, an expert tuning can receive all available channels.
  • As the speaker can’t produce much bass, the music may not make you pleased if you are a bass freak. However, the speaker is enough to distinguish the difference between AM and FM channels.

8. Tecsun PL380 Review- World’s Smallest Shortwave Radio

Tecsun PL380 Review- World’s Smallest Shortwave Radio


The engineers of the Tecsun know you well, and hence they have brought the pocket-sized radio. A good quality receiver can receive a wide range of wavelengths such as 2.3- 21.95 MHz for shortwave and 64-408 MHz for FM. Surprisingly enough, this desktop shortwave radio can receive 2-5 TV channels program sound precisely.

The interesting shortwave stations come with 7 tuning methods which are more enough to catch all available frequencies. You can now save the channels in the automatic search browser to use in next time. Usually, you can store up to 550 radio channels.

Then once again the display of the mini compact radio. The multi-function display is wide and bright enough to change and fix the settings. Also, the DSP is more sensitive than the analog counterparts. Moreover, the package includes 3 NiMH batteries to ensure longtime durability along with a USB charging cord for emergency charging from your digital devices.


  • Compact design and lightweight to fit in the pocket
  • A sensitive display unit to change the settings from one place efficiently even for the beginners
  • This is top rated for preppers for its low power consumption.


  • Automatically turning on the battering can drain the power quickly. However, you can manually detach the batteries from the radio to save power.
  • Though it receives all wavelengths receiving SW is quite technical.

9. Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Review- Best Shortwave Emergency Radio

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Review- Best Shortwave Emergency Radio


Nobody knows when a natural catastrophic situation arises. Hence, an emergency shortwave radio can be a great assistant to get help in such situation like affected by a Hurricane. The Kaito Voyager KA600 is an excellent shortwave radio to communicate in the emergency while there is no power available.

First of all, the Kaito KA600 comes with charging facilities from all available sources like solar, mobile, car battery and of course from the electricity. As it has 3 NiMH 600mAH batteries, it can serve a long time. Also, you can charge from anywhere which helps you communicate through this radio.

Besides, the transistor includes 4 tuning methods with a powerful memory for saving 335 channels. The collapsible antenna is strong enough to receive available frequencies. Also, awesome AM and FM performance with weather band make it the best shortwave receiver ever. Finally, it includes a thermometer that measures the temperature.


  • 5 LEDs for emergency lighting while it can pivot 180° to reach any complicated place.
  • Key lock features to disable all keys to activate a single key on display.
  • Excellent built-in speaker to provide clear audio with full fidelity.


  • The thermometer works slowly but provides an accurate temperature reading.
  • Battery life isn’t up to the mark, but available charging capacity helps it to be activated all-time.

How to Choose Right Shortwave Radio for You

Choosing the best shortwave radio is always complicated. If you are a novice and first-time user, it may end up a waste one unless you choose the best one. We have compiled a guide to help you how to choose the best shortwave transistor.

Frequency Range

Usually, the radio offers the frequency range from 1.7 MHz to 30 MHz. Even some models come to receive the frequency from 0.54 to 30 MHz also. The wider range is capable to response a wide number of channels. So, the wider the frequency is, the better the radio is.

Tuning Methods

Tuning method plays a vital role for playing disturb-free sound. While most of the analog radios prefer the knob, the latest designed radios come with auto scanning for fine-tuning. However, using the knob is still preferable while purchasing the shortwave radios.


Shortwave radios are common to use AM modes. However, if you want to tune a lot of stations, you should prefer the SSB and additional modes. Now, most of the radios come with AM, SSB and other modes to give you enough scopes to listen to the desired channels.


The sturdy and robust materials matter for every product for the durability and smooth operation. Also, you should pay a deep look at the weight and dimension as radio should be portable. A heavy and hefty radio may cause the problem to carry around when it is an emergency.

Final verdict

So what does all this mean? The best shortwave radio reviews will help you a lot to shortlist the desired ones for a 24/7 entertainer. For the last one and a half century, radio is a great medium of listening new and music when there is no electricity, no network and obviously no internet.