Top 9 Best Water Proof Boombox Reviews & Buying Guide

So you want to go camping and you plan on being out on the water! The one thing you know you’re missing, other than beer–is music. You don’t want to use your phone because you’re afraid it could get wet and damaged. I don’t blame you, so here’s what you should do!

If you want music, or any type of entertainment for that matter, and you don’t want to worry about damaging your phone, or ruining your CD player, then I would recommend a waterproof boombox for a variety of reasons. Today’s boombox is much more evolved and has adapted to societal demands. You can use your mobile devices, like Ipads, Iphone’s, or even your laptop, to enhance your listening experience by getting a more full and complete sound.

So what do you pick, how much will it cost? What can I use along with it? We will explore these questions below.

This list will give you a variety of quality, affordability, and dependability. By the time we are done, it will give you a better understanding of the versatility of today’s water-proof boombox. So let’s take a look at some of the best water-proof boomboxes out there today!


1. Fisher Shock Blast Waterproof Wireless Stereo Boombox

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Fisher Shock Blast Waterproof Wireless Stereo Boombox


If you aren’t looking to spend a ton of money, then this would be most ideal for your needs. The Shock Blast is Bluetooth enabled, giving you flexibility during your outdoor activities. This unit is basically compatible with most devices such as; SmartPhones, iPhone, Ipads, and Tablets. You can also get up to 33 feet of wireless play giving you an enjoyable range.

For the price of this, you really get a bundle of goodies. It comes with an 800 MAH lithium battery, a Micro USB charging cable, and a warranty registration card. If you are worried about how to work the Fisher Shock Blast, it comes with a step by step owner manual to guide you along.

The Shock Blast is a portable boombox, that is shock-proof, dust-proof, and comes with a built in microphone for effortless communication.

  • BK Chipset Bluetooth is compatible with notebook, tablet, mp3 player, window devices and Apple.
  • Rubberized exterior is built durable and ruggedly.
  • Excellent sound quality, and rich bass.
  • Supportable design allows you to carry anywhere with you at ease.
  • Inline microphone and speakerphone let you answer calls on the go.
  • IPX6 Tech allows it to be waterproof, shock and dustproof.
  • Doesn’t have a CD, Cassette, or AM/FM option.

2. Rocktech Waterproof Sport Speaker, Portable Wireless Speaker

Rocktech Waterproof Sport Speaker, Portable Wireless Speaker


You can literally throw this Boombox in a lake and it wouldn’t submerge. It is on the smaller side, and weighs very little, so if you are into big and bulky equipment, then this wouldn’t be for you. But, if you like the convenience and are a Bluetooth user, this is a great boombox to have.

You can stream your library effortlessly and control it from the unit itself with its button options of “Play/Pause,” and “Next/Previous.” It has 20 watts of peak power, giving you full range sound and more depth than a typical boombox.

If you are spending your day out on the boat and want to enjoy some music, this is an affordable and portable unit to have on deck. The Plunge comes with an auxiliary cable, a start-up guide, and a micro USB charging cable.

  • Rocktech waterproof stereo speakers that float and are submersible.
  • Rubberized exterior that will protect the integrity of the unit.
  • Built in microphone that gives you a variety of features. You can even speak with Siri and Google assistant. Easy to answer your phone calls as well with the speaker-phone option.
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.7V, 3600 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery and one rear firing passive radiator for a quality listening experience.
  • This item is pretty darn cool, but one might find it a little small for their tastes. Others have complained about the battery life not being long enough.

3. Braven BRV XXL Splashproof Bluetooth Boomboxes


Braven BRV XXL Splashproof Bluetooth Boomboxes



As the name indicates, this boombox is rather bulky weighing 18 pounds. This box will give you a big sound though, so if you like going to parties and like bringing the music, this would be the right boombox for you.

If you are camping and want to play music all day, the Braven BRV XXL will give you up to 14 hours of play time. You can also use the USB port to charge multiple devices. How it gets its full range and big sound is through the complimentary 4 high definition drivers and subwoofer

This boombox is targeted for people who like to party, camping, or spend time on the water. It comes with a bottle opener on the carrying strap, and the microphone input can be used as a PA system for announcements.

  • 15,600 MAH battery that lets you charge Smartphones and gives you 14 hours of ceaseless play.
  • IPX5 Weatherproof is dust and water resistant. Braven BRV XXL is also safe from any spills or splashes.
  • Bass and treble tuning so you can adjust to your liking.
  • Volume and playback controls
  • USB port that allows you to charge devices as required.
  • Large handle and carrying strap so you can strap it securely to an anchor.
  • There are no options for CD or AM/FM,
  • Big, bulky and is heavy.

4. Plunge Max


ION Plunge Waterproof Bluetooth Boombox

The Plunge Max is a boombox that can swim as well, or float for that matter. This boombox has a rugged design and is IPX7 waterproof. It is ideal for those who want to head to the beach on a nice sunny day and enjoy the compliments of music. Plunge Max will give you a full range sound, so everyone at the beach can hear what you are playing!

If you find yourself riding along the waves in a Canoe, the built in speaker option on the Plunge Max allows you to take phone calls so you don’t have to get your cell-phone wet. It is convenient and accessible.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth, but still want to listen to music, the Plunge Max has an FM capability built into the boombox. It does come with presets, so you can stay ahead of your favorite radio stations.

  • Rugged IPX7 exterior that can take a beating and float at the same time.
  • Dual full range driver and three bass radiators bringing you an excellent bass sound.
  • 40 watts of dynamic powered amplifier giving you a big and full sound
  • Bluetooth capabilities stream music wirelessly
  • Built-in handle and adapter that offers you convenience
  • Doesn’t have a CD/Cassette option built in and it may not be compatible with all smartphones.

5. SHARKK Rugged Waterproof Boomboxes

SHARKK Rugged Waterproof Boomboxes


As impressive as most of these boomboxes are, none may be as elegantly impressive than the SHARKK Rugged. The dignified design comes with all of the same abilities for a full range sound. You rarely have to worry about charging the SHARRK, because the battery’s impressive “charge-life” has 30 hours of playback.

SHARKK does carry a Siri functionality, so if you find yourself in the inquisition mode, you will be allowed to do that with this unit. Bring it to a party, or the beach. It is complete completely off and shockproof. You can also use this unit as a device to charge your Smartphone or Tablet.

If you aren’t looking to invest your entire savings, then you may want to look at the SHARKK Rugged Waterproof Boombox for its affordability as well as quality.

  • 10 Watts of power
  • Bluetooth speaker serves as a phone and tablet charger for all MicroUSB devices.
  • Stable and durable exterior
  • Supportive of Auxiliary, Bluetooth 4.0 and higher, as well as NFC.
  • 6,600 MAH battery giving you the power to play music for 30 hours straight.
  • There aren’t a ton of items to dislike about the SHARRK, however, if you like the option of CD/Cassette/AM/FM, you will have to look somewhere else.

6. Fisher FBT960Y Waterproof Wireless Boombox

Fisher FBT960Y Waterproof Wireless Boombox


Fisher returns to the review list and for good reason. Affordability, for the person just looking to try a waterproof boombox for the first time—then go with something in this neighborhood of price. The design of this is questionable, but for those who love the color, Yellow, it will probably work out for you.

The FBT960 has a solid exterior made out of rugged rubber. It is very light, for those who don’t enjoy the heavier and bulky products.

What I hear most about this design from customers is, that it’s surprisingly reliable and durable. Considering it’s small size, that speaks volume for the Fisher FBT960Y

  • Bluetooth wireless capabilities and wireless connections
  • Lithium-Ion battery giving you a last lasting experience with less charging.
  • Rugged rubberized exterior that will protect the unit from being damaged.
  • IPX6 giving you waterproof assurance
  • The FBT960 doesn’t come loaded with features like the other boomboxes on the list, but for the price, it’s not a shabby product. Also, there isn’t any CD or Cassette built in functions.

7. ECOXGEAR Eco Terra Rugged and Waterproof Stereo Boombox

ECOXGEAR Eco Terra Rugged and Waterproof Stereo Boombox

You get the whole deal with this boombox, a unique and elegant design, as well as compartments in the middle of the unit, that can hold anything from your phone to credit cards and your spare house-keys.

It comes with an IPX7 certification, meaning that it is fully waterproof, and like others on this list it can do some laps around the pool. Kidding. But it does float, as it is fully submersible. iPhone and Ipad user-friendly, and any Mp3 player can totally utilize this boombox.

The ECO TERRA has an impressively wide range sound, making it the life of the party. If you like the attention, then you will like this product. And for added convenience, ECOXGEAR throws in an adjustable strap and mobilizing handle.

You can control your play lists from the unit itself as it has the button functions; play, pause, skip forward, or back. The battery life for this unit is quite impressive as well, giving you 25 hours of play time.

  • Rear Aux input, giving you the ability to use your Tablet.
  • Multiple carabineer clips that allow you to carry it wherever you please and is ideal for kayaks, or even hanging it from a tree.
  • 1/8” jack for users that have headphones.
  • Center compartment, holds your keys, or anything else that you want to safely store while you enjoy your vacation.
  • Doesn’t have a CD/Cassette/AM/FM function built in.

8. DemerBox Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

DemerBox Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


When you think of a boombox like the DemerBox, you think nature and hiking.

This unit comes in the color of Roseau Blue and is widely regarded as one of the strongest boomboxes on the market.

The DemerBox is also convenient for those who hate keeping keys or their wallet inside their active-wear pockets. Like me, you would be better suited to put any of those items inside of the Demerbox case compartment.

This unit is made in Portland, Maine, and each DemerBox is hand assembled and tested for audio quality, water resistance, USB charge out, and Bluetooth functioning. DemerBox speakers are tested strictly against extreme weather conditions and temperatures to better assure the customer the product and audio is detailed accurately.

Incredibly, the Demerbox out of any boombox on this list has a battery-life of 45 hours before you have to recharge it. Again, this would be the perfect unit to take with you while hiking.

  • Port plug for a complete waterproof experience.
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Massive battery pack maintains a battery charge for days (45 hours).
  • Built from a pelican case, when sealed completely it becomes waterproof.
  • Stainless steel hardware ensures the long existence and protects against warm and humid environments.
  • It’s not built like a traditional boombox, it’s in a case and protected.
  • Doesn’t have the option of CD/Cassette/AM/FM built in.
  • It can be viewed as bulky and uncomfortable.

9. G Project G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

G Project G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox


The last boombox we have on the list—is maybe the most unique designed. It is constructed with a rugged housing structure, that has a protective rubber base, and a sophisticated handle allowing the user easy handling.

You can connect any device such as Ipad, Iphone, Tablets, PC’s, Laptops, by using the 3.5 mm Aux-in jack. The G Project gives you a little more choice than the rest on the list for those reasons above.

It is extremely durable and strong.

You can also skip and play your musical play-list by using the On-board Control functions. A lot of customers get this for their children because the child could use an Mp3 player to listen to audio-books.

You Can Check: G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Reviews

  • 2.2 Speaker configuration with 4 drivers that can blast a powerful sound.
  • Plug-free abilities to stream from your Bluetooth with the rechargeable battery
  • Elastomer protective base that can be tested against any surface
  • 3” Stereo speakers, tweeter, dual rear-firing produces a big bass sound.
  • Rechargeable battery only gives you six hours of play.
  • Bulky and isn’t built like a traditional boombox.
  • No remote controller with the unit.


Where Can I Find A Best WaterProof Boombox?

So you’ve read the reviews of these products, and have decided it may be for you. Awesome, welcome to the club. You can find a boombox one of two ways. One, the old-school way, yes, brick and mortar stores haven’t given up on the boombox and are still selling plenty of boomboxes. Two, you may be better off going online to sites via our affiliate link. These sites tend to offer more deals and have a better variety for a customer. You can also check out reviews and rankings about a product before making a purchase.

Why Should I Buy A Waterproof Boombox?

If you are reading this, and have come this far, then you were already on the fence about the idea of purchasing a waterproof boombox. Hearing from people who love music and the outdoors about their wet damaged phones because an accident is enough to recommend a safer way to play music and party outdoors at the same time.

The examples above give you an idea of how good these products are, and the amount of freedom they give you while you hike, canoe, kayak, or simply just relaxing on the beach catching a tan. Getting a full sound, that isn’t muffled or distorted from a phone is truly awesome.


Finding the right best boombox for you is pretty easy these days thanks to online review boards and sites. So don’t complicate matters any worse than they need to be. Check out the information and choose a product that applies to you.

There are a variety of things to consider before buying a perfect Water Resistant/proof Boombox

-Is it in my budget?

-Is the boombox compatible with my mobile device?

-Is it water resistant, weather resistant, and durable?

-Is it right for the type of activities I participate in?

Once you can answer those questions above, for example, then you will be well on your way to finding the perfect waterproof boombox.