G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Reviews

When it comes to listening to the favourite tune, we all want that device that gives out good sound. If you have been using the cable speakers, you will stop the moment you read this review. With the wireless Bluetooth speakers, you can easily listen to your tunes right from your phone. Searching for wireless Bluetooth speakers is not a simple task, and that is why we want to help you by reviewing G-Boom wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker by G-Project. Let’s check out the features that make this wireless Bluetooth speaker stand out from the rest.



G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox



Features of G-BOOM wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker by G-Project

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  • Rechargeable battery: This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with an ion-lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to six hours to ensure that you do not miss your music through the day.


  • USB port: G-Project’s G-Boom wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker features a USB port that is located at the back. You can make use of the USB port to charge your iPhone whenever you want.


  • Built-in handle: This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in handle. If you are looking to have a wireless speaker with a handle, then this is your ideal device. The handle makes carrying the G-Boom speaker easy. If you love moving, then you might find the handle useful.


  • Three bright LED lights: G-Boom features three LED lights located near to the front bottom which makes it simple for you to know when the device is powered, recharging, and when the Bluetooth is pairing with your phone. Apart from indicating the status of the device, the lights add to a purposeful look of the speakers.


  • Portable boom box: If you are a construction worker or love listening to your tunes while working, then you might consider purchasing this device. G-project’s G-Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker is portable. This means you can carry it around from one place to another as you continue with your work.


  • Play controls: A device without play controls may make it hard to use. You may find difficulty adjusting the volume or skipping to your favorite song. Well, this device has you covered. You can use the play controls to pause, play or skip to your favorite tune wirelessly. You don’t need to reach out to your phone or move to change a tune.


  • Bluetooth wireless: This is one of the main features of this device. You can connect G-Boom speaker to your Bluetooth enabled device such as Smartphone or iPhone and start streaming music up to approximately 30 feet away.


Pros of G-Project’s G-Boom wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker 

  • Good sound: You don’t want to purchase a speaker that has poor sound and low maxim volume: G-Boom speaker offers high maximum volume as well good sound quality. Additionally, the devices the three presets that you can use to get a complete and more bass oriented sound.
  • Lightweight: In the recent past, it was hard to carry the analog heavy speakers to your work place. G-Boom wireless speaker by G-project is a modern speaker, and it is light weight. It is not heavy, and that is why it is portable.
  • USB port or phone charging: Unlike other speakers, G-Project’s G-Boom Bluetooth wireless speaker has an extra USB port that enables you to charge you phone as you continue enjoying your music. This ensures that you do not miss a call even as you are working.


Cons of G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker 

  • Short Aux cord: G-Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker features a short aux cable which may not be ideal if you would want to use the aux cord function. This means you will have to purchase a longer cable that meets your needs.
  • Short battery life: Though the battery can last up to six hours. This period is short considering the use of the device. It might not be suitable if you are using the device when at a place where there is no power.
  • Chargeable with an AC adapter: While other speakers can be recharged using a USB cable, G-Boom wireless Bluetooth boombox speaker by G-Project can only be charged with an AC adapter.



If you are searching for a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, G-Boom by G-Project is your choice. You can hang it anywhere as you continue working regardless of your working placing. Even though it has a limited battery lifespan, this wireless Bluetooth speaker offers you a great sound that is worthy of your money. The sturdy construction of this wireless Bluetooth device enables it to stand out from the rest.

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