8 Reasons Your Should Invest in a Sony Boombox

Boomboxes first appeared in the music market in the 80s.

It was not uncommon to see people walking down the street with their favorite beats, or to listen to the boombox radio with a group of friends.

In the years since MP3s and the iPod, boomboxes have stood their ground.

Sony has been one of the pioneers of keeping their boomboxes fun and compatible with new music trends. A Sony boombox is not something to overlook.

Here Are 8 Reasons to Invest in a Sony Boombox

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1. Strong Sound

The main goal of any listening device is to listen to the music you and your friends love.

The best listening experience happens when the sound is delivered clearly, with no static and with a lot of power. That is what a Sony Boombox delivers and more.

The Sony ZS-BTG900 Bluetooth Wireless Boombox, for example, offers up to 20 watts of listening power. This allows for the sound to play at the same listening quality from the lowest volume setting to the highest.

No background noise, no loss in quality. That’s the attention to detail brought to you Sony.

2. Get the Party Started

Boomboxes have a wide range of uses.

When emerging into the music world, most people took them to friend’s houses or public spaces. This created a community of listening and dancing, as well as sharing music.

Boomboxes have also been popular in dance studios, classrooms, home listening, and more.

Sony knows another popular place for a boombox to end up is a party. They added just what any fun gathering needs – special lights.

The Light Sync feature added into recent Sony Boombox models produces lighting effects that are in rhythm with the music playing.

The lights are a fun, innovative way to get people on the dance floor, making it a feature everyone can enjoy.

3. Bluetooth and Controls

Although the boombox starts the party, no one wants to be in one place all night.

This is where Bluetooth and a fully-equipped remote control comes in.

Sony has made all recent boomboxes Bluetooth compatible from any device with this technology. This means listeners can go from a smartphone to a tablet to even laptops and desktops with this function.

Streaming is available from anywhere in the room, giving users the ability to dance, socialize, and move about without needing to take the boombox along.

In the event that the music needs to change and the user connected to the boombox is not around, the remote control comes in handy. Remotes can directly control music in the boombox as well as the Bluetooth device streaming music from a distance.

Audio streaming is the future, and when matched with an old-school favorite like a Sony boombox, music comes together in a classic, fun way.

4. Files That Function

Speaking of old-school, some listeners would rather hook their MP3 files up directly through an auxiliary audio cord.

This feature is still in many new Sony boombox models, to give another option for those that do not want to use Bluetooth.

Some users still have tracks on a mixtape or CD they love. Boombox CD playback allows them to contribute to the listening experience, too.

The audio world is expanding, and listeners need the technology to keep up.

Sony has been with music fans every step of the way and will continue to bring together the old and new to ensure no track is left behind.

5. Sony Kept the Classics

No track left behind includes no station left behind.

Even the most modern boomboxes still have FM/AM options. Well, at least Sony ones do. They offer users the chance to discover new music by tuning into their favorite local radio station from the office or at home.

Who says you have to be in a car to listen to your favorite radio jockey or morning show?

Investing in a Sony boombox gives users the freedom to decide what to listen to and where. They can insert their favorite old CD, connect a playlist they found on a new music app, or simply leave the music mood of the day to the station they listen to and love.

Radio used to be the only way of discovering new music. Although there are many new options available today, radio is not going away.

Your new boombox is the perfect way to listen to the music you love to stream and discover the songs on the radio waiting to get on to your next playlist.

6. Preference Presets

Sony is known for making boomboxes with presets.

From its first models that had station presets to today’s high-tech music settings, there is something for everyone.

Radio presets today include up to 30 stations at the touch of a button.

Custom listening qualities are available with presets as well. These are for the music fans that like a little more bass or treble.

No matter if it is a quick switch from one station to another, or if it is balancing out the noise coming from the main woofer, a Sony boombox can do it all.

7. Go Anywhere

One of the best features of a boombox is often overlooked – the ability to go anywhere!

Although some new models will need batteries, there is no chords holding you back from taking your favorite new boombox out and about. You can listen to the best summer jams right on the beach or take the party anywhere you want.

Most boomboxes weigh in around 10-15 pounds or even lower. Your listening experience can go on any adventure.

8. Listen All Day Long

When you get where your music is going, how long can you stay there?

The lifespan of Sony’s new boombox is up to 26 hours, more than an entire day!

Combined with the power, attention to detail, and ability to discover new music, there is no reason not to have your boombox with you everywhere you go.

Order Your New Sony Boombox

Sony knows music, and it knows what listeners need.

They have a wide range of boomboxes to choose from. Choose the right boombox for you and get to listening today.

Have you owned a Sony before? Let us know your experience in the comments below.



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