10 Awesome Ways to Use Your Retro Boombox

Is there a sad, neglected, boombox sitting at the back of your closet?

Maybe you just don’t see any reason to use it when you can access all your tunes from a smartphone?

It doesn’t need to be this way.

There are actually loads of fun, unique ways to use your old boombox. Whether you’re looking for a challenging project, a fun boombox makeover, or a boombox-themed activity, we’ve got you covered.




Read on for details on ten awesome ways to use your retro boombox.

1. Paint It in Rainbow Colors

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Is your boombox that dismal gray color that just screams early 90s?

If you’re not a fan of the toned-down look, you might not enjoy using or displaying your boombox.

But what if it was painted all the colors of the rainbow? That would look pretty magical. Taking your boombox apart and using spray paint to personalize it is a great way to give it a whole new lease of life.

Use a small screwdriver to separate parts that are easily put back together. Then, paint them in bright, contrasting shades – the more color, the better.

For parts that can’t be removed, use masking tape and plastic bags to cover the areas you don’t want to be colored. Then, go wild with the spray paint.

The result will be a 100% unique, 100% awesome boombox that will blow any cheap music player out of the water.

2. Take It Apart and Make a Suitcase Boombox

Want to turn an ugly retro boombox into a super-cool suitcase boombox?

You can!

There are plenty of detailed tutorials available online, but here’s the basic idea:

1. Clean out an old suitcase.

2. Install plywood supports to help the case keep its shape.

3. Cut speaker holes from the front of the case.

4. Mount speakers using mounting brackets.

4. Install boombox components inside the suitcase.

5. Connect controls and affix to the suitcase.

Enjoy blasting your tunes from an old-fashioned suitcase wherever you go. Now, all you need is the perfect retro playlist.

3. Use a Car Cassette to Turn It into a Multi-Purpose Speaker

Wishing you could play music directly from your phone or PC, instead of having to rely on CDs and cassettes?

There’s actually a really easy way to do this, using a car cassette adapter – no need to pay for a Bluetooth boombox.

This clever little piece of tech looks just like a regular cassette but comes with a 3.5mm jack plug. That means you can plug directly into your phone, MP3 player, PC or other device and play music through your boombox.

It’s a great way to reuse a boombox which has good speakers but can only play cassettes or CDs. Buying a car cassette adapter is much cheaper than splashing out on brand new speakers.

4. Scavenge Parts and Create an Ammo Can Boombox

If you want something a little more rugged than the suitcase boombox descried above, why not create an ammo can boombox?

Most of the necessary parts can be scavenged from your existing boombox – you’ll just need to find the ammo can and a few extras.

Here’s how you’ll create your new boombox:

1. Decide on a layout for your amp and speakers and draw onto the can.

2. Cut holes for speakers and controls using a drill and jig-saw.

3. Install and wire components inside the ammo can.

4. Mount speakers and controls outside the ammo can.

5. Test and enjoy!

This is a really fun portable boombox that’s perfect for camping, hiking, or listening to in a workshop.

5. Use It as Tattoo Inspiration

Love your retro boombox but just feel like you’re never going to get back into using it?

That’s okay. There are plenty of others ways to express your passion for this piece of retro tech. Getting a tattoo is one of the best.

If you’ve got an artistic side, you could create your own design based on your very own boombox. If you’ve made any custom alterations or added decorations, be sure to include these. They’ll make your tattoo even more unique.

If you aren’t confident in your skills, take a few pics of your boombox and give to your tattoo artist as inspiration. If there’s a certain style you like, bring along some examples.

You’ll soon be taking your boombox with you everywhere – without having to carry it!

6. Make a Record Table to Display It

Can’t find a good place to store your retro boombox?

Creating a custom table using old records is a fun and unique way to display your player and a great way to show off your taste in music.

You could buy a glass coffee table, then display old records underneath the glass. This is perfect if you’ve got lots you want to use. Alternatively, purchase a round table that’s about the same size as a record, then glue firmly to the top.

Super simple to make, but way more exciting than a regular table.

7. Decorate It Using Sharpies

Can’t get the effect you want using spray paint? Sharpies are the perfect option.

Plan out a design, or freestyle it and create hypnotizing shapes, patterns, and designs all over your boombox. If you make a mistake, use rubbing alcohol to remove ink and correct it.

For a minimalist, trendy look, stick to black markers when drawing on your boombox. For a fun, playful design that really stands out, go bright and colorful.

Don’t forget that neon marker pens are also available if you want a true 90s look.

8. Throw a Retro Themed Party

Your boombox might not be ideal for everyday listening, but it’s perfect for a retro party.

Get your mates to dress up in their old clothes, put together some cheesy compilations, prepare old-fashioned snacks, and rock out to your boombox.

9. Take Your Boombox on a Trip

Sitting alone in your bedroom listening to your boombox is never going to be that much fun… they’re portable for a reason!

Here are just a few places you could take your retro boombox:

  • The beach
  • A camping trip
  • Hiking in the forest
  • A festival
  • A lake

Get out there and enjoy your music in nature – you’ll be glad you did. If you’ll be going somewhere wet, make sure you have a waterproof boombox.

10. Do Some Cool Boombox Photography

Retro boomboxes are pretty cool objects, and they look awesome in photographs.

Take some creative shots, then have fun applying retro filters and sharing on social media. Don’t forget to throw on some tunes while you do.

How to Enjoy Your Retro Boombox

If you’re not getting much fun out of your boombox, something needs to change.

Try upcycling it with fun DIY projects, adding your own decorations, or taking it to a new place.

You’ll soon wonder why you ever left your poor boombox behind.