10 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Golf Cart (Top Lists)

Music has a major part to play in our lives. Everybody loves to listen to good music whenever and wherever they are. However, this might pose to be a challenge when presented with different circumstances around us. For instance, people love to listen to music during their leisure time, especially when we are around people. You may be at a pool party, at the beach, hiking with friends or even simply playing a sport you love, say golf. More often times than not, we prefer listening to music with other people, especially when we usually hang out with them. In order for everyone to enjoy the music, we need to have an elaborate music system, say at least a good bluetooth speaker. I will narrow down the scenario to that of golf. In order to enjoy your music in your golf cart or when playing golf, you need to find yourself one of these bluetooth speakers below. If you need help finding the best bluetooth speaker for your golf cart, please indulge me as I expound on each brand blow by blow.

Let’s see our recommended 10 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Golf Cart

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1. Rocktech Bluetooth Speaker

Rocktech Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker stands out right from how it is designed. It has an integrated aluminium body that is covered with some soft silicone to add more style and strength to it. This material is wear resistant and it therefore ensures the durability of the speaker. Moreover, the speakers are made of IPX4 spill resistant technology. What this simply means is that they can work in rainy conditions. How awesome is that? Imagine having a good time in the rain with the speakers still giving you maximum performance. To add to this, the speakers also provide you with a home theater kind of sensation due to the layout of the speakers. They are positioned all around the whole device. They also give more voice clarity as well as quality natural sounds when in full volume. To boost the bass, they have paired the diaphragm along with a monophonic loud speaker. In order to put the icing on the cake, the speaker can provide more than 10 hours playback time. When plugged in, it gets to full charge in just 3 hours.

2. Bluetooth Speaker System by Celtic Blu

Bluetooth Speaker System by Celtic Blu
I’m not really sure where to start with this one. Well, it comes with 16 Watts of power built in to a 360 surround system. Moreover, the BAS technology employed in the speaker system enables it to provide a loud volume to fill the space. The technology ensures that the speaker produces a more penetrating sound that has better voice clarity as well as bass. The device has an amazing battery capacity that can supply up to 30 hours of uninterrupted playback. The Bluetooth connection also stretches as far as 30 m (100 ft). It also has a micro SD card slot to enable you to easily play more than 7000 songs stored up. The speaker also has the IPX4 waterproof technology to ensure easy outdoor use. The speaker offers additional use such as charging. That’s right, you can actually use the Bluetooth boombox to charge any of your other smart devices such as your phone.

3. FUGOO Tough XL

This speaker goes all out when it comes to producing that loud quality sound. I would actually recommend this as one of the best bluetooth speaker fit for a golf cart. Why do i say this? Simple, it has 8 speakers perfectly positioned within the system. The speaker system consists of 4 tweeters, 2 passive radiators and 2 mid/sub drivers. Moreover, it has a 97 db sound pressure level that produces rich audio. This bluetooth speaker also boasts a generous battery capacity of up to 35 hours of playtime. The bluetooth audio device is also compatible with Apple devices and can be used to charge other smart devices as well. It offers high-quality sound even in rainy conditions since it is 100% water proof, mud proof and shockproof for up to 3′. This speaker will definitely be a perfect fit for your golf cart as it has all the necessary outdoor features.

4. BOOM Swimmer DUO

BOOM Swimmer DUO
This bluetooth device lives true to its name. You can literally loop it to any viable part of your body while swimming. Moreover, this functionality not only comes in handy for swimmers, but it can also be used in other sports such as beach volley, basketball, and even golf just to mention a few. When using this speaker with your golf cart, you simply loop one, or better yet, two of them around the roof frame and voila! You have yourself a fully functional music system in your golf cart! With easy stereo linking, you can use a pair of them to work as left and right speakers. The device is water proof, dust resistant as well as shock resistant in order to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions. In addition to the loop, the speaker also comes with a suction cup to give you more attachment options.

5. Golfjams

If you love enjoying some good music while golfing, then this is a must have for your golf cart! This bluetooth speaker can be attached to almost any standard design golf cart. It has a very stylish design and will give you a wonderful time listening while on the course or on the move. The speaker comes with a holder for your smartphone while you are in or around the golf cart. The speaker also has an impressive battery capacity that will last up to 22 hours. This is greatly due to the advanced lithium batteries that come with it. The bluetooth transmission is also very extensive and moreover saves battery consumption. The CSR Bluetooth Version 4.0 facilitates this as well as boosting audio fidelity in high range. This speaker will definitely spice up your audio experience while golfing.

6. Amp Caddy- Bluetooth speaker and Mount

Amp Caddy- Bluetooth speaker and Mount
This speaker comes with a portable mount that can be easily attached to your golf cart. The speaker has a bass booster along with two speakers. Now how is that for loud? You can turn the speaker to whichever desired direction while in the mount. When you are on the move, it is advised that it be turned towards the occupants of the cart. When out on the course, you simply turn it on the mount and enjoy your music while playing. The lithium batteries provide up to 8 hours of playtime when they are fully charged. The speaker is also waterproof and shockproof in order to serve outdoor purposes effectively.

7. Pyle 8″ – Outdoor Bluetooth ATV, UTV Speaker

Pyle 8" - Outdoor Bluetooth ATV, UTV Speaker
When you are a huge fan of listening to music while on the go, then this is your perfect fix. The Pyle 8 speaker can be easily mounted to an ATV bike as well as a UTV , a jet ski, a golf cart and even a snowmobile. The design of the speaker can be best described as ragged. This style coupled with the fact that it is water resistant as well as weather proof makes it very good for the outdoor environment. The bluetooth speaker also has LED lights of red, green and blue color with a remote system. This feature has been added to enhance your outdoor music experience and enjoy your playtime while you are at it.

8. ILuv MobiCup (iSP165) [Not Recommended Now  by editor]

ILuv MobiCup (iSP165)
The ILuv MobiCup takes portability to a whole new level. It has a cylindrical design which enables it to fit almost any standard sized cup holder. When you are off your golf cart or any other outdoor ride, you can leave it to stand on its own on a flat surface. This is made possible due to the round base as well as the top-firing speaker that makes the sound amplified upwards. The controls on top of the speaker are sealed and are splash-resistant. The speaker uses rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries offer up to 4 hours of playback time when fully charged. Peripheral devices can be connected to the auxiliary port so that you can play music directly from your smart devices.

9. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
When it comes to new sound technology, nothing defines this any better than this speaker. To start with, the speaker has two acoustic drivers. To further enhance the sound, a passive radiator design has been incorporated. This has the culminating effect of producing crystal clear sound at high and low volumes as well. The speaker proves its suitability for outdoor use by having IPX5 rainproof, shockproof and sand proof technology. This enables the portable bluetooth speaker to be well suited for use while out in the golf course. The speaker weighs under 10 ounces and the batteries can provide up to 12 hours of music play time when on the full charge. The triangular shape it has makes it easy to place on surfaces including the golf cart’s dash.

10. BassPal Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth

BassPal Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth
The outstanding feature about this speaker is that it is an IPX7 full waterproof speaker system. This is the highest rating for wireless Bluetooth speakers. What this technically means is that the speaker can be immersed in up to 3 ft of water for as long as 30 minutes and still work well. The speaker unit comes with 5W HD speakers. The speakers are very small but work together to provide some amazing bass and clear vocals. This bluetooth speaker also uses LED mood lighting technology to keep you in a relaxed mood when listening to music. It is very lightweight and has a good round shape with a detachable suction cup for easy placement. The speaker can be easily carried around in the golf cart when mounted to the dashboard.


All the various bluetooth devices that i have reviewed are all good. However, there is always one that has to have an edge over the rest. The speaker that made the cut of being the best bluetooth speaker for golf cart is nonother than the FUGOO Tough XL. This speaker has the perfect blend of versatile design, durability as well as excellent audio output. Also worth mentioning for a second time is that it offers up to 35 hours of playtime. The media experience offered by this bluetooth speaker is second to none. This is why i have chosen this amazing speaker as my best, i hope you do too.