Why a Bluetooth Boombox Will Rock Your Summer

Summer’s the time to be on the go – trips to the beach, partying by the pool, and camping in the mountains.

When you’re on the go, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the way you listen to music. It’s time to ditch the makeshift speakers made out of solo cups and treat yourself to a Bluetooth boombox.

Over the past few years, Bluetooth technology and electronics materials have improved. This means better boombox and speaker options for consumers.

If you’re a music lover, you need a Bluetooth boombox to take with you this summer.

What Is Bluetooth, Exactly?

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In the ’80s and ’90s, there existed a problem where to create a network of inter-connected devices a consumer had to connect the devices via wireless networks a series of cables. To get the electronics to “talk” to each other, you had to tell each device how it would communicate with others (known as protocol), at what rate it would communicate, and when.

Enter Bluetooth, a solution to the problem of too many wires by eliminating them. Bluetooth harnesses the power of small-area networking by using radio frequencies. The solution is simple and requires little battery power.

Across all Bluetooth manufacturers, there are set standards for protocol and radio frequency. Bluetooth 2.0 devices send 3 Mbps and operate on a 2.45 gigahertz radio frequency.

The result is a small network of devices that communicate with each other. No more cables and no more drained phone batteries.

This united result ties into where Bluetooth got its name. In the 900s, King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark united many tribes across Denmark and Norway to form one kingdom. He later introduced Christianity and several public works, relics of which are still seen in Denmark today.

Apart from the story of uniting a country, the name Bluetooth was fitting for the technology. Many large communications technologies companies are based in Scandinavia, to include Ericsson, which holds the majority of Bluetooth patents.

Picking a Boombox

There are several factors to consider when purchasing your Bluetooth boombox.

One of your first considerations for purchasing a boombox is the brand manufacturer. Research product reviews for their company, reputation for Bluetooth boomboxes, and any warranties they offer.

You’re buying a boombox for great sound quality & performance, so keep an eye out for those kinds of remarks in reviews. Some speakers offer different sound modes like stereo mode, studio, and bass boost. These should all be customizable to your preferences.

While you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker for its Bluetooth capabilities, you might be interested in boomboxes with more connectivity options. In addition to simple one-touch Bluetooth connection, look for speakers that have headphone jacks or USB ports.

If you’re planning on using your boombox often, you’ll want to research its battery life and power options. Look for a long battery life and the ability to charge with external battery packs.

You can check out our comprehensive Bluetooth boombox buying guide for more info.

Reasons You Need a Bluetooth Boombox

Everyone’s boombox needs are different. We’ve outlined some of our top reasons for having a Bluetooth boombox below.

Look Ridiculously Cool

With so many sleek and sexy Bluetooth speaker options on the market, it’s hard to not look cool with one. Instead of everyone crowding around a laptop with weak speakers, everyone will rush to check out your tiny yet powerful Bluetooth boombox.

Having a carefully curated playlist for the party you’re attending will boost your cool factor, but letting someone else DJ their awesome throwback list will make you even cooler. It’s so easy to let others stream the music on your phone through your speakers.

Take Your Music Everywhere

Sound quality, electronics materials, and portability have all improved considerably over the last few years. That means there are tons more options in functionality and aesthetics you can find in a Bluetooth boombox.

Many Bluetooth speakers boast being water-resistant, waterproof, sand-proof, and drop-resistant. With these features, you’re no longer limited to where you can take your speakers. Take them to the beach, the pool, the car, the mountains, the gym; you name it.

Of course, not every electronic device is foolproof, so don’t actively drown or drop your speakers.

Embrace Those Retro Vibes

As you’re shopping for Bluetooth boomboxes, you’ll notice some of them look like they’re straight out of the boombox-serenade scene from Say Anything. Manufacturers have caught onto our love for retro items and have incorporated them into today’s high-tech gadgets.

Beyond appearance, some Bluetooth boomboxes still come with CD players and FM radios. Boomboxes with CD players open the doors to having throwback parties where your friends can bring their favorite CD from the ’80s or ’90s. You’ll be surprised at how many people sing along to their old favorites!

Stop Forgetting Cables

Perhaps the greatest thing about a Bluetooth boombox is you don’t need a cable to play music. Gone are the days when you realized you couldn’t play music through your speakers because you forgot the cable at home.

You also won’t need charging cables for your speaker or phone. Bluetooth speakers use very little of your phone’s battery, meaning you can play music for hours on end. Plus, if you’ve invested in a speaker with a long battery life, you’ll hardly have to charge it.

It’s Cool to Be Blue(tooth)

Make the most of your summer with a Bluetooth boombox.

Bluetooth is a versatile technology that will let you link up several devices to make your trips and parties even better. Play hours of music without worrying about your phone’s or speaker’s batteries dying.

With advances in materials and sound technologies, you’ll find tons of speaker options to fit your lifestyle.

To learn more about specific Bluetooth speakers, check out our product reviews page.