Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Review and Buying Guide 2023

The world has changed and gone are the days of AM, FM and CB radios. In the current age of smartphones. GPS, tablets, and other wireless gadgets, human beings can interact more than ever. You are now able to purchase a motorcycle helmet speaker to listen to music, make wireless calls, and have conversions with other motorcycle riders through an intercom.

Choosing to go wireless has a lot of advantages. You do not have to deal with loads of tangled wires, and you do not have to plug and unplug a jack into many gadgets repeatedly. It all sounds easy, and then you come to a realization there are numerous motorcycle helmet speakers available in the market, and they vary regarding specifications, sound, value, and price.



Benefits of Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

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1. Road Accidents can be averted if a person is more alert to his/her surroundings.

In contrast to conventional earbud speakers that we usually put in the ear, helmet speakers are safer since they allow the rider to hear sounds coming from his/her surroundings. This is important as it helps a cyclist to avoid accidents when riding on busy roads. Ordinary earbuds tend to impede the rider’s sense of hearing which can prove to be dangerous.

2. Muffed speakers lessen the possibility of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an unpleasant condition in which a person hears ringing in the ears. One of the most usual causes of this situation is
continuous exposure to loud sounds. Other symptoms associated with Tinnitus include: dizziness, headache or pain in the ear. Earbud speakers emit a sound which enters directly into the ear canal without being deflected; this can lead to Tinnitus due to the intensity. On the other hand, helmet speakers produce a sound which is deflected by the material covering it. Therefore the sound has less intensity. The intensity of sound is also reduced by the distance between the speaker and the ear.



Top 6 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers in the Market


1. Sena SMH10-11 : Best Bluetooth motorcycle headset

Sena SMH10-11 : Best Bluetooth motorcycle headset



The SMH10-11 Motorcycle Intercom and Headset was made to maintain interactions with your fellow riders over longer distances for conversations and sharing of music via Bluetooth up to 900 meters. When the headset is paired with a Bluetooth enabled device, it will also allow you to make wireless phone calls. It has an Advanced Noise Control feature that reduces background sounds for both incoming and outgoing media. Also, it allows up to twelve hours of talk time and ten days of idle time on one charge.

This headset has a Helmet Clamp Kit and a Boom Microphone. It has a Dual Jog feature which makes it easier to use while driving. Volume control is the Jog Dial’s default, and clicking the combined button allows you to scroll through all the gadget’s functions with reduced effort, which translates to a safer ride. Only a few motorcycle headsets offer such a wonderful user experience.


2. Vertigo 1x800M WaterProof: Best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music

Vertigo 1x800M WaterProof: Best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for music



This headset can be used on bicycle helmets or helmets which don’t cover the ears. It has 800M Bluetooth intercom distance to allow the rider to communicate with 2 or 3 teammates freely. It also has an in-built audio socket (2.5mm) to connect a Walkie Talkie together with a suitable wire.

It is water resistant so no need to worry on a rainy day. The audio-socket allows the rider to connect the motorcycle’s intercom with other devices for transferring music and talk with friends. A headset is a hands-free gadget which supports wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, making calls or listening to FM radio.


3. FreedConn TCOM-SC Helmet Bluetooth Headset for Motorbike Skiing

FreedConn TCOM-SC Helmet Bluetooth Headset for Motorbike Skiing



The Freetown TCOM-SC lets riders have conversions with fellow riders using the intercom and operate functions like GPS. MP3, phone calls, etc. without letting go of the handlebars, to increase rider safety. It has an LCD screen which is a unique feature to give visualization and increasingly facilitate operation. When in intercom mode the device supports a maximum of 120km/h of up to 800 meters. The TCOM-SC allows the user to connect it to other Bluetooth intercoms from different brands.

This device has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, a Handset Profile, Handsfree Profile and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, integrated for most of the Bluetooth enabled gadgets like smartphones, GPS, tablets and many more. It has amazing radio functions that let the user listen to music, news and so on while on the road. With its DSP cancellation and noise suppression technology, it allows for clear voice quality.


4. Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control

Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control



This Motorcycle Communication System allows you to enjoy your motorcycle ride by connecting you with up to 8 of your fellow riders in crystal-clear audio, to a maximum of 2km via the group’s intercom feature. Sena 20S is the best Universal Bluetooth Handset for you, which has a Universal intercom protocol so it can work with Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth enabled devices.

Sena’s advanced noise control inhibits ambient noise from interfering with incoming and outgoing media. The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, perfect Bluetooth speakers, and dual-module design give a smooth, clear and quality user experience. The audio multitasking technology lets you talk with your fellow riders while listening to music at a given time.


5. iASUS XSound 3 HD: Best motorcycle helmet speakers

Best motorcycle helmet speakers



The XSound 3 features a sleek, lightweight and acoustically designed chassis that has been formed from high quality aluminum. It gives high-quality audio experience from its surprisingly think speaker. The iASUS audio drivers produce the fullest and clearest sound which is better than of many full-size headphones in the market.

The XSound 3 can be mounted on any helmet. It has foam pads that offer maximum comfort and performance to reduce degradation in sound. It has Kevlar reinforced wires to help it withstand pulling tension. The XSound 3 is compatible with iASUS mobile amplifiers, stealth Bluetooth headsets, and other mobile media gadgets.


6. IDEAPRO Waterproof E6 BT 1200M Range Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth/Intercom Sports Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Interphone

IDEAPRO Waterproof E6 BT 1200M Range Motorcycle



It allows real-time communication between two people up to 1200 meters. The host machine can be changed to intercom with five other gadgets. It has the VOX voice wake-up start with no buttons, thus ensuring a safer ride. The IDEA also boasts a CSR BC5 chip and Bluetooth 3.0 High-quality stereo with HD quality headphones, to enjoy music.

It has a split microphone design to allow for optional wiring microphone. The device has the newest waterproof and windproof
technology to strengthen the anti-noise feature. It uses low power allowing up to twelve hours talk time and 300 hours idle time. The software is easily upgradeable. In addition to those, it has the wind noise DPS cancellation and is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, MP3, GPS, etc. The headset also allows hands-free communication for the rider to ensure safe riding while communicating with teammates.



How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

With so many Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers on the market today, it becomes quite difficult to choose a model that will suit your personal needs. Luckily, we’ve simplified the task for you. Here’s is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best motorcycle helmet speakers:

1. Choose a Helmet Speaker that allows you to connect your MP3, satellite radio, and iPod, thereby giving you increased flexibility and more sound options.

2. Look for a system that provides advanced and high-quality sound delivery.

3. Choose a Helmet Speaker that has an in-helmet audio.



Final Verdict

From the above guide, it’s quite clear that Bluetooth and wireless style speaker system offers a lot more features (like helmet-to-helmets communication and voice control with other riders). However, the fact remains that in case you’re searching for the best-sound motorcycle helmet speaker without interruption or interference, then wired connections are still king. As such, whichever system you choose to use, either the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers or the best wireless motorcycle helmet speakers, just remember that technology is continually changing and advancing. Therefore, opt for a system that is flexible as it will let you upgrade easily once new versions arrive.

In this regard, the Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Headset takes the top spot when it comes to the top motorcycle helmet speakers. The model comes with superior sound quality and it’s well-designed to meet all standards of the professional musicians. In addition, it features Sena’s advanced noise control that inhibits ambient noise from interfering with incoming and outgoing media. To top it off, it has a Dual Jog feature which makes it easier to use while driving. This is certainly one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers on the market today. With this model, you can be guaranteed to enjoy your motorcycle ride, safely and responsibly!

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