The Top 7 Best Portable Boomboxes

There are so many ways to listen to music today. CD players, stereos, tape cassettes, MP3’s, Ipad, Iphones, Android phones, your laptop, your desktop, and the old record player. But what if you could consolidate all of those formats (excluding the record player) and bring all of those formats into one unit?

Best Portable Boomboxes

You would have yourself a portable, multi purpose, Boombox. There are many on the market today that are worthy of making this list. It is easy to leave one off, and to revisit this list later and say, oops—did I leave that one out? But the way to approach this for you, the reader, is to bring you something affordable, durable, versatile, and unique. There are so many worthy boomboxes out there to make a list of top 50.

So have fun, learn something, and maybe you will find yourself going online, or in a store line, buying one of these 7 best portable boomboxes.

Lists of Top Seven Best Portable Boomboxes Always

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7: Sony Xplod Boombox(Affordable, reliable, HQ sound, elegant design)




When Sony makes a boombox, they usually don’t fail to deliver the goods. This is one of their examples. The Sony Xplod has a unique style, with elegant design and color choice. If you are a sucker for that sort of thing, then you’ll probably find “Sony Xplod” on a receipt soon.

It’s portable, bring it anywhere with you. You can dazzle your friends at the park, or you can simply just stay at home and jam out with its impressive quality of sound.

Drag out your most favourite cassettes, CD’s, and MP3’s, Xplod allows you to use all formats while boasting 30 preset abilities using the Am FM radio.

It’s not too noisy, but it does bring enough adequate noise to the room. It has 20-watt output, with 2 four inch speakers.

Sony Xplod Features

  • 3.5 mm input: You can hook up any audio source including the Ipod, and MP3 players.
  • Plays CD, CD/R RW, Cassettes.
  • Remote Control: Take control of the volume, track list, radio tuning and presets, equalizers, etc.
  • Xplod comes with its own power cable
  • 20 FM station presets, 10 AM station presets, giving you a whopping 30 to choose from.
  • Power from a wall outlet, or eight D size batteries.

Sony Xplod Cons:

  • Bulky, But personally I like it



6: PYLE PMBSPG40 Portable Boombox (Flashy, Intricate design, full sound)

PYLE PMBSPG40 Portable Boombox


If you thought the boombox above was flashy and unique, wait until you see the Pyle PMBSPG40. It quite literally looks like something from space, and it just may be. This boombox comes with DJ Flashing LCD display lights, making you feel as if you have come under ‘Alien Abduction.’

Instead, let’s say you’ve escaped the abduction, and came out with all of your technological devices in tact. You can use the input to plug in your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Play all of your favorite break up songs with the Pyle boombox.

If you want loud sound, then Pyle can deliver on that front. Customers have raved about the volume they get with the 100 watt output. You will get a full range of sound while the LCD flashing display lights bounce colors off giving you a club-like vibe.

Pyle also gives you a full radio listening experience by allowing you to preset your favorite stations as well.


PYLE Boombox Features:

  • 3.5 mm input jack: This will allow you to stream all of your Bluetooth files.
  • Micro SD Card
  • Flash Memory Readers
  • MP3 Supportable
  • PYLE has FM Radio and Auto Station Scan
  • External Connections: Plug in your devices and go.
  • Built in rechargeable battery.


PYLE Boombox Cons

  • Battery life per charge is only 2.5 hours of play.
  • Volume is too loud for certain customers
  • The design is viewed as obnoxious by some customers.
  • Doesn’t have a CD option.
  • Complaints about the quality of Bass is frequent

5: Koramzi Portable Boombox:




Koramzi is light, has a nice and simple LCD display to light up your track listing, and it gives you the absolute full range of sound. This is a product that could have made the list as well. It is affordable and boasts HQ features and options. It has CD, Cassette, AM/FM abilities, and you can link up your mobile device to stream music on the Koramzi.


  • USB Slot: Give your Korzami Boombox MP3 playback
  • Head Auxiliary Jack
  • The Korzami comes equipped with the AM/FM 2 band digital tuner
  • Remote Control included giving you more control and comfort
  • Capable of programming 99 MP3 tracks
  • Capable of programing 20 CD tracks



4: Monster Blaster Portable Bluetooth Boombox(Dynamic, Party oriented)




With the Monster Blaster, you could literally scare away a “monster,” with the full range and vast volume ability. This boombox is geared to open spaces, and bigger crowds, which would make it fit in better with those who attend parties or the club scene.

Monster Blaster implies the size and weight of this device, as it is rather big, and weighs 20 pound all soaked and wet. The Monster Blaster is specifically designed for Bluetooth use, but you can still connect other audio sources if desired.

If you are a DJ, or just starting out MC-ing events, with it’s Microphone level input function, you can use this as a PA system and give a shout out over the background music playing.

The Monster Blaster is yet a dynamic piece of equipment on the higher end scale of the boombox world. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars if you like this design and capabilities it will give you.

Monster Blaster Features:

  • Splash resistant: Monster Blaster is perfect for the open space and the outdoors. You don’t have to worry about getting the unit wet.
  • Rechargeable battery: The battery gives you an impressive 16 hours of listening.
  • Blaster comes equipped with NFC quick pairing
  • 3.5 mm Auxiliary output: Connect any of your audio sources.
  • EQ Mode: You have the ability to control indoor or outdoor modes.
  • Down firing integrated powered subwoofer.
  • Full Range Drives: Giving you a 360 orientation.

Master Blaster Cons:

  • Most people may not be willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a boombox.
  • The Blaster is Big and bulky
  • The Monster Blaster comes with no tape deck
  • No cassette option limits its versatility and options.
  • No AM FM mode for the Master Blaster unit.

3: Supersonic Boombox(Diverse, Easy to handle, Elegant)




Supersonic Boombox brings back that traditional look and the old school boombox used to have. It’s not going to win any fashion awards and fancy any art students, but it does come fully loaded with outside audio source choices.

It may be slightly heavy compared to the rest of the list, but it is still very portable to lug around to the park or outside on your lawn. It comes with a handle, 8W x 2 Speakers, and a 28 W subwoofer.

It comes with a remote control for your convenience, and the CD function can be used by loading at the top. Supersonic is nifty, easy, and diverse, Supersonic gives you a myriad of options to play with if you have the audio sources to do so.


Supersonic Boombox Features:

  • Output: Plug in your headphones for a more private experience
  • 127V Input
  • 15V DC input
  • Supersonic has the PLL FM Radio option
  • WMA and an MP3 player
  • USB and Auxiliary inputs
  • Rod Antenna for better reception
  • Control option: Repeat, random, program, mute, equalizer and bass functions
  • Bluetooth streaming option
  • Portable wireless audio system

Supersonic Boombox Cons

  • Batteries are not included with the Supersonic.
  • This product is considered bulky and heavy.


2: Magnasonic MAG MADVD500 Boombox(Clear sound, Complete parental control)


Magnasonic is bringing something new to this list, that I think most people have wanted and would like a lot. This boombox not only offers the CD and Mp3 option, but now you can watch movies from just about anywhere at anytime. With their clear 7 inch LCD Wide screen, you now have a durable chance to watch movies. Parents can also monitor what their children watch by going to the control settings of the DVD mode, and by blocking certain content. You can even control the aspect ratio, and choose the wide screen selection.

This boombox is super light, and it isn’t bulky like the Supersonic and Monster Blaster. It is built more like a traditional boombox with tons of advanced upgrades that allow you to keep up with the times.

You can enjoy playing MP3’s on this model, as well as other files such as WMA, JPEG, MPEG 4. If you enjoy listening to the radio like I do, you can listen to your favourite stations with the “telescopic: radio antenna. This ensures a clearer sound quality.


Magnasonic Boombox Features:

  • Magnasonic has a high speed USB Port
  • AC Powered or 8 C batteries
  • Remote Control included so you can control your boombox and relax at the same time.
  • LCD TFT Display: A clear picture of when you watch movies on your portable boombox.
  • SD, SDHC card slot
  • DVD compatible with the option of DVD+, -R, R/W
  • Multiple On Screen Display: Play in either French or Spanish.
  • OSD: English
  • CD G for Karaoke
  • Auxiliary in-jack: Microphone jack, and headphone jack.

Magnasonic Boombox Cons:

  • Batteries are not included


1: Sony CFD-S50 Portable Boombox(Effective, Cheap, Quality)



Sony returns again on the list, and for good reason because they offer competitive pricing and quality products. There’s nothing very astute about this unit, other than you are getting amazing audio sourcing abilities with this boombox.

Sony’s CFD-S50 comes equipped with plenty of audio source options such as; CD or cassette, MP3, CD-R, R/RW, AM FM radio, digital audio sources, and audio sources from your smartphones.

It isn’t overly big, and the design isn’t eye-popping, but this boombox gets the job done with quality. It is highly ranked on major websites like Amazon.


Sony Portable Features:

  • Sony is equipped with a line in Jack
  • AM/FM radio presets up to 20 FM stations and 10 Am stations (if you can find 10 AM stations you like.)
  • MP3 CD playback for your downloaded library files
  • Sony has the option of Cassette recording

Sony Portable Cons

  • I got some problem with CD tracking ability.



That wraps up the top 7 best portable boombox guide. As noted in the beginning, with the boombox industry getting more competitive, and better enhanced with the latest technological advancements, more and more electronic companies are coming through with quality and exceptional products to sell.




Panasonic RX-D55GC-K: (Editor Recommend another best portable boombox)




This Panasonic model is probably one of the better smaller portable boomboxes out there. Could easily be on this list due to the natural sound and high quality it offers. Customers fall in love with the durability and diversity of this unit. 2 four-way speakers that produce and a Big Speaker Box pumping out 240 W.

It comes with a remote control, that will give you control to 31 to total functions. Panasonic offers the latest upgrades while staying true to its classic image of quality production of electronic equipment.

  • Multiple functions: You can delete tracks, select numerically, and program.
  • Auto off setting: Set your automatic offsetting, and at the time you wish for the boombox to turn off it automatically will.
  • Clock or timer settings
  • Five preset equalities: Heavy, clear, soft, vocal, equalizer off.
  • AM/FM presets: 16 for FM, and 16 for AM
  • Unit can process up to 99 CD tracks
  • The unit can program up to 999 MP3 tracks, 250 albums, 20 sessions.


Benefits of going portable

These days they make portable boomboxes lights and optional. You can just do so much with them as you have just read. During the old days, the boombox was bulky and limited to certain audio formats.Some still are today. For a majority of companies, they have progressed forward by creating state of the art products.

Listening to music on your phone is a realistic option, sure, but how about getting the full range of sound? Boomboxes give you the journey of a complete and full listening experience, without the inconveniences of ear buds, or a real threat of hearing loss.

→Durable: More and more the best boombox is made to fit multiple areas of interest. Waterproof, water resistant, weather resistant, and so on. Most boomboxes, that are made of quality and integrity, are going to last you quite some time.

→Affordable: The latest phone on the market is hundreds of dollars, and sure you could find a boombox for hundreds too. But Sony, Magnasonic and other companies make cheap, quality boomboxes that give you a less physically invasive experience, while listening to music.

→Options: Giving customers choice, is really what matters. Look at all of the benefits above that you get. Watch DVD’s, listening to MP3’s, stream from Bluetooth and your mobile device. It doesn’t end.

→Reliable: Phones breaks, CD players lose their integrity after a while, but boomboxes are made to be reliable.

→Portability: Being able to take your boombox anywhere you go is a huge benefit to you, the consumer. Doing with the boombox what you do with your Tablet, or Android is amazing and easy.


Conclusion: The future for boomboxes will be contingent on other technology. The better technology gets, the more likely that boombox makers will adapt to those demands.