10 Tips for Purchasing the Best Boombox for 2023

Did you think boomboxes were a thing of the past? Think again.

There are loads of new boomboxes coming out all the time, and they have some pretty impressive specs.

The best boomboxes look awesome and allow you to play music from a variety of sources. They also have amazing sound quality and are designed to be durable.

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to begin your search.

That’s why we’re sharing ten tips for purchasing the best boombox in 2023. Follow this list, and you’re sure to find a music player you’re thrilled with.


best boombox

best boombox


1. Check the Connectivity Options

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How would you feel about a boombox that only played CDs or cassettes?

If you’re like most of us, not thrilled.

Luckily, most modern boomboxes come with a variety of connectivity options, which we’ve listed below.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This allows you to play music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or PC. NFC pairing allows you to easily connect to your smartphone with one tap.

Audio Jack

This lets you plug in almost any device, including phones and MP3 players.

USB Port

Lets you play music from a memory stick or USB MP3 player.

A boombox with all three options is best. However, if you only plan to play music from one source, connectivity might not be such a big issue.

2. Consider a Waterproof Boombox

Want to go super-retro and take your boombox on trips to the beach?

Then you’d better make sure it’s waterproof.

The level of water-resistance can vary from boombox to boombox, even if they’re all labeled ‘waterproof.’ So, make sure you check the exact details.

Some boomboxes are splash proof and able to deal with light rain. Others can survive complete submersion, and are engineered to float when placed in water.

You might compromise on sound quality when choosing a model that’s fully waterproof. So, take some time to weigh up your priorities.

3. Assess the Speaker Sound Quality

Are you look for a boombox to blast some fun tunes once in a while with friends? Or do you want the best boombox, one with mind-blowing sound quality?

Or are you somewhere in the middle?

There’s a lot of variation when it comes to boombox sound quality, and the best speakers are pricey. You should consider the power wattage of the boombox and the size of the speakers.

The number of speakers also makes difference. Some boomboxes feature a combination of active and passive speakers for the best bass.

4. Look at Radio Preset Options

Love tuning into your favorite stations at home? Or want to browse local channels while on the move?

Then you’ll want to know all about the radio options your boombox offers.

The best boomboxes will offer AM/FM radio and plenty of presets for you to save your favorites. They also have easy controls for browsing stations, and an antennae to improve reception.

If you love listening to the radio, don’t choose a boombox with terrible signal and only one preset.

But if you’re only interested in listening to your own tunes, don’t bother splashing out on a model with lots of fancy radio settings.

5. Check the Battery Life and Power Options

Portability is one of the key features of boomboxes, which makes battery life super important.

There’s no point in having a portable system if the battery dies after 20 minutes of listening. Check the estimated battery life for your boombox and make sure it fits your needs.

There are several different power options available, and we’ve covered them below.

An AC adaptor is ideal if you plan to listen at home, but not great for traveling.

Batteries are good for portability, but can run out quickly. Choosing a rechargable option helps you save money here. Power tool batteries are used in boomboxes designed for construction sites.

Some boomboxes can be powered via USB, which is quick and convenient.

Think about how long you need your boombox to stay charged for, and how you’d prefer to power it.

6. Consider the Equalizer Options

If you’re a true music geek, you’ll want your boombox to include plenty of equalizer options.

Make sure there are lots of presets available, or you’ll have to mess around to get the perfect settings every time you select a new song.

You should also check that the equalizer includes all the functions you want, rather than one of two basic options or presets. On the other hand, if you’re thinking, ‘What does equalizer even mean?‘, a few simple presets should be all you need.

7. Compare Colors and Designs

Music, sound quality, connectivity… they’re all important. But what about appearance?

It’s not shallow to want your boombox to look great, and there are some seriously cool designs out there.

Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Retro designs
  • Novelty casing
  • Color options
  • Build your own boombox kits
  • Shape and size

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern boombox with minimal controls, or a super-retro player with a huge carry handle, the best boombox for you is out there.

8. Look at Special Lighting Effect Options

The best boombox is a party all by itself.

Look for boomboxes with special lighting effect option. These can include colored lights around the speakers or lighting that flashes in sync with your music.

9. Check out the Weight and Size

If you’re planning on taking your boombox out and about, you need to make sure it’s lightweight enough to carry comfortably.

Try testing out a few in store, and imagine carrying them a fairly long distance.

If you’re planning to store your boombox at home, make sure it fits into the space you’ve got available. Slim designs are perfect for small apartments.

10. Consider How Durable It Will Be

Want to take your boombox camping? You need it to be durable.

Look for models with rugged casing, well-protected speakers, and good quality construction.

If you’re planning to use the boombox on construction sites, look for specially-designed models. Yours should include strong casing and a roll cage.

How to Choose the Best Boombox

Make a list of everything that’s important to you when choosing a boombox, then take a look at your budget.

If the two don’t match up, think carefully about your priorities.

Finding the best boombox is all about knowing what you want, and then figuring out what you’ll actually use.

Start searching for your perfect boombox today.