5 Best Turntable Under $300 That You Can Buy Right Now

There are different kinds of turntables and record players available on the market. Many of them are high end-products and they sell at various prices. You can get high-quality turntables and record players within the price range of three hundred dollars. This might not be easy for first time buyers. If you want any of these electronic devices, information provided to you here would assist you in making the right choice.

There are lots of differences and similarities between turntable and record player. Both electronic devices are a good way of enjoying music. The record player is meant to be a standalone device that spins vinyl music and has other fantastic features like speakers, built-in amplifiers. You can enjoy music once you plug the device into a power source. Turntable on the other hands depends on separate amplifiers and speakers to produce its sound system.

Top 5 Best Turntable Listed Below

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1. Electrohome Winston Vinyl: Best Record Player Under $300

This record player is one of the newest products from Electrohome. This company is well known when it comes to the production of superior quality record player and turntables. It is composed of woods and when you use it, you are going to like the great values. It is traditionally designed and yet it features the most advanced technology. If you are looking for the best, you must consider this product.

Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player


The brand has great features and because of the great features, you are going to do a lot of things with it. With this product, you can do lots of things like playing your favorite disc record, as well as listening to your AM and FM radio stations. You can equally use it to play your CDs. Furthermore, it features 3.5 mm auxiliary input and with this, you can connect your external devices such as phones and tablets.

Furthermore, it features an inbuilt stereo and because of that, it can fill your room and that is possible because of the superb sound. The brand features a wooden acoustic cabinet and this is a great feature because it adds to the beauty and the performance. Other important feature includes ceramic needle and this provides amplified audio performances, and you can play various songs with it as well.

Moreover, the product is driven by the complete automatic belt and this spins around for that great sound.



2. Audio Technica AT-LP120

One of the best turntables under three hundred dollars on the market today is Audio Technica AT-LP120. This brand is great and it is one of the best that music lovers you can lay your hands on the market today. If you compare the cost of the quality of services it offers you would be surprised. It would always deliver the best when it comes to music output. It has fantastic features that make special for its users and some of the features are discussed below.

Audio Technica AT-LP120


The product comes with an inbuilt stereo phone pre amp system. Furthermore, it can be easily connected to different operating systems such as windows and Mac computers and that is possible because of the USB connection device.

In terms of speed, you are going to like the brand. It features the selectable speed of 11 1/3 to 45 as well as 78 RPM. This is great and other important features that you are going to discover here include the quartz controlled pitch lock and this is good because it would always be accurate.

Furthermore, the product features a tonearm which is S-shaped. It sounds very well when you use it because it is assembled with a counterbalance, which is adaptable. Furthermore, it features more anti-shake adjustment, as well as height adjustment tool at the tonearm.

When you order this product, you are going to get most of the things that you want in that package which include the audacity software, USB, line level RCA cables for output as well as switchable pre- amp and so on.

The device is not difficult to use because it has a start as well as the stop button and this is located in a place you can easily see it. It contains both the headshell and professional cartridge and so on. When you use the product, you are going to enjoy the quality of the music that is coming out of the system because it contains superior quality phonograph cartridge.

The product makes for easy digitization and it can be used for FLAC files and MP3. This means that you can easily use this product on your computer.

It is already stated that it features an S shaped tone arm. The benefit of this is that it features an arm rest. Because of this, the arm is always going to be stable because of its locking mechanism. It can be securely locked if you take it from one location to another location.

It features a table pitch adjustment and that is why the system would always play great music. The variations differ and it can range from plus to minus to as well as plus to minus twenty percent. It has other fantastic features as easy rewind and forward play features. Furthermore, it has a remote control and this is good because it makes operation of the product easy, especially as regards to the start and stops operations.

You have seen that this product is packed with great features. Despite that, there are some complaints about the product such as the audio cable, which many users have reported being comparatively short. However, you can deal with the problem by buying it separately. Furthermore, it can take plenty of time to adjust the tone arm. Despite the few shortcomings, this is one of the best turntables that you can purchase with money.


3. Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile Stereo Turntable

This is another good turntable and it is designed for the type of music that you want to play with it. If you want a product that would deliver satisfactory music, you can always resort to this great product. This is possible because of the great features.

Pioneer PL-30 Audiophile Stereo Turntable

Perhaps, the greatest thing that you are going to like the product includes the double layered chassis. It features four-millimeter thick metal plate.

Furthermore, it features a low center gravity and the importance of this is that it makes for a smooth playback. The operation is great because it appears to be fully automated. Many users are going to like this product for this.

It features an inbuilt phone equalizer. This is a great attribute because it makes the sound coming out of the system clear and improved. This is an advantage because it means that you would listen to improved music when you use this great product. Furthermore, it is easy for you to select the mode of its operation and this is possible through its on selector.

Moreover, it has MM cartridge, and the importance of this is that when you use this product you are going to enjoy a superior performance when compared with similar products out there. Moreover, this brand features a five-millimeter thick rubber mat and the essence of this is that it can always check vibration and it would ensure that the record is strongly gripped.

As said, the turntable is fully automated. This means that it is easier and simpler to use. Furthermore, it is not direct driven, rather it is driven by a belt. It has all the packages that you need to have installed in your system such as power cable that is thick enough. Furthermore, it has a cartridge belt. This is an important feature because it is going to improve on the sound quality. Moreover, it uses both phono and RCA plugs. This is important because it helps the quality and that is one of the reasons it would always sound great when you use the product.

Moreover, the product has important accessories that would make you to enjoy using it and some of these accessories include EP record, as well as a platter mat and dust cover and so on.

The product has fantastic features and there is no doubt about this, however some users have observed a few shortcomings with the product and some of them is that the body is composed mostly of plastic. This is not good because it may affect its lifespan. Furthermore, it features a power cable, which is considered short by many of its users. This means that you could be required to purchase a new one.


4. Reloop RP-2000 DJ Turntable

This is a superior quality record player and it features a full and black metallic finish. This is good because it makes it appealing to many of its users. It is popular because of its functionalities. It is advanced in the form of technology. If you want a record player that plays the best of music, then you can always resort to this great product.

Reloop RP-2000 DJ Turntable


The record player is quartz driven and it comprises of direct drive.

Furthermore, the product is heavily constructed. It consists of a chassis that is produced from the finest quality material. It has a remote starter as well as electronic motor brake and this makes it effective to use. Furthermore, it enjoys a static balance and that is because of the S shaped pick up arms.

It drives with a very powerful speed and that is why you are going to enjoy using it. Furthermore, it features a turntable, which is known for superior torques and which works with the most accelerated speed. Moreover, it features a smooth start button as well as a stop button. Furthermore, it has the necessary accessories that you require to use the product such as shock absorbing base, electronic motor brake, as well as S shaped pickup arm.

There are a few shortcomings associated with it and some of them include the fact that it features a light platter. Furthermore, it would be difficult for you to adjust the height of its tone. Furthermore, the cartridges can be rigid. Despite the few shortcomings, this is a great product and it is highly recommended.


5. Pro-Ject Essential II USB Turntable- Black

This is a new version of the popular Debut carbon. If you are looking for a superior quality turntable, you can always turn to this product because it features everything that you want. Two things make this product unique and they include the superior quality bass as well as the sound. The design is another great feature, many people prefer the fact that it is very sleek and minimal. This makes it very attractive and a unique product. There are more interesting features you are going to like in this product and some of them include the in-built phono preamp. This is a nice feature because it makes it possible for you to send a signal to your speaker or to your amp. Because of this feature, many people prefer this brand and they consider as the most favorable turntable they can buy with money on the market today. Many users are surprised that despite the high-end qualities that this product is still highly affordable.

Pro-Ject Essential II USB Turntable- Black


Apart from those features that are mentioned, there are some other interesting features that stand this product out. One of the features includes the USB digital output. This is great because it actually digitizes the vinyl work, especially those ones that you have collected. Furthermore, this product is composed of aluminum material. The tone arm for instance is composed of aluminum product. To make playback with the system possible, it features a sapphire bearing. Moreover, it uses a belt driven technology and this is accompanied by low vibration motor. Moreover, the platter features a low resonance, as well as stainless spindle steel material.

It is Teflon coated brass material and this is good because it smoothens the rotation process and that makes it accurate as well, in addition to the fact that it enhances the speed. The cartridge is composed of an Ortofon OM5E material and it has an additional dust cover.


There are lots of benefits you can derive from this product and one of them is that the tonearm features a high quality and precision bearing. This can be easily adjusted and because of that, it can accommodate different ranges of cartridges. Most importantly, this product is compatible with different kinds of cartridges.


It is simple and easy to use and that is why it is often regarded as a user-friendly cartridge. It features a reliable speed and it is produced with the most advanced technology. The turntable does not make noise. This is attributed to the synchronous motor. You can see that this is a great product and it features everything that you desire from a turntable.


Though this is a high quality product, some users have some issues with it. Some people complained that it does not use a sub platter and that is because it does not have one. Furthermore, it features a platter mat, which is thin. Many users do not like it that way. Though it features a dust cover, there is a problem with that, it adds pressure to the system, especially when it is closed. Moreover, the isolation is not what many people expected from this unique product. Despite the shortcoming, this is one of the best turntables you can buy today. Many people liked the fact that it features a superior technology, and it delivers a superior quality sound.


Best Turntable Under 300 Buying Guide:

Turntables , irrespective of the various prices they are sold in the market do the same type of work. Most of them even look alike. This does not mean that they have to perform the same way. Because of that, there are some necessary preconditions that you must consider when you are making your choice. Here are the important factors to consider:


The most important factor to consider is the type of construction. Lay emphasis on plinth base and considers whether they are actually solid. Furthermore, a good quality should compose of MDF that is medium density fiberboard. It should be strongly constructed but is should not vibrate or resonate.



The other important factor to consider includes the platter. Ensure that the product you want to buy is composed of heavy platter. This way you are going to have a good record playing experience. The latter is important because it could reduce vibration.


Is it direct or belt driven

The other important factor you are to consider is whether it is belt driven or direct. If it is belt driven, you would notice that the platter is on the bearing while the motor is based on the side. It rotates through the platter belt. When it is direct drive, the platter would always be perfect on the shaft of the motor. This makes the machine to run faster, as well as start or stop faster. Moreover, it features more consistent speed.


Hands on

Consider how it is operated. Some products on the market are operated manually while others are not operated manually. A product within the price of three hundred dollars is expected to be operated manually.



Another important consideration to make includes the cartridge. The cartridge can be pre installed while others are not. This may require that you carry out some settings after you have made your purchase. If you are looking for a pre installed as likely is going to be the case with a product of this price, you must ensure that the cartridge is from the best manufacturers.


Extra features

Consider whether it has extra features like inbuilt pre amplifiers. This is good because it can be used with a receiver. Moreover, consider whether it is possible to convert the vinyl record to digital files.



When you are looking for this type of product, the first thing that you have to consider includes the price. You should have your price target before you step out to purchase the product. When you have set your budget, then you have to consider the likely features you can get the product based on your budget.


Auto operation

Another important factor to consider when you are looking for a product includes auto operation. If it has fully automated features, it means that you are going to find it easy using the great product. Moreover, this could make the product to last longer because the chances of being damaged is strongly reduced.


Belt drive

Another important feature to look out for includes belt drive. This is what it uses to connect the platter to the motor and this is where the record sits. There are some products on the market that are not belt drive meaning that they are direct drive. This means the gears from the motor actually drives the system. You have to consider whether it is direct drive or whether it is a belt drive and so on. This can assist you in making your choice.


Built-in speakers

Another important factor to consider when you are making your choice is whether it has built speakers. This is good because it can save you cost. This means that it may not be necessary for you to purchase more speakers. However, you have to consider the sound quality coming from the system. The quality may not be the best when you are playing your records from hi-fi speakers.



These are the best turntables under $300. There could be several others. These are selected because of their high-level performance, advanced feature and superior technology. All these are great products and for any of them you decide to use, you will derive a value for your money.