PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box Review

Portable stereos or ghetto blasters as they were once called are a perfect way of getting high-quality sound music. When you pick the right and quality one, boom boxes provide you with various ways to which you can listen to your favorite music. Some of those ways include AM/FM radio, cassette tapes, MP3s, CDs and even through Bluetooth which is the most modern one.


Some of the qualities to consider when purchasing a boom box include:

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  • The abilities of the speakers to detach
  • The model.


Consider ones that have been in the market for a longer time and with good reputation

  • The price
  • Durability


 The boom box’s features

After knowing some of the features to consider, we hereby provide you with an example of one of the best boom box that is doing well in the market currently.



Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box Speaker

This amazing boom box player from the Sound Around Company has many out of the world features. Some of them include:

  • They are lightweight
  • Portable
  • Enable wireless operations such as Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • Easy pairing with android phones, USB and SSD memory cards



pyle pbmspg50 review



After purchasing this amazing boom box, you have the guarantee of the following benefits:

  • Efficiency

Few competing boom boxes beat this Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Boxplayer when it comes to efficiency. With it, you do not have to worry about how you are going to travel because it is very light thereby making it portable. This way, you can listen to your favorite type of music wherever you go.

  • With it, you have various options

With the massive growth in the technological sector, electronics manufacturers try to outdo each other in a bid to winning the markets. This only comes as an advantage to the consumers. For instance, the Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box comes with several out of the world features. The boom box has the ability to connect well with nearby Bluetooth devices due to its amazing NFC pairing abilities.

This way, you can connect your boom box to nearby devices such as tablets, iPad, and Android smartphones.

  • Has added features

As compared to other similar devices, this one has more useful features. To begin with, Bluetooth pairing is very fast. In addition to that, you can play music from your SSD memory card using the card readers. USB reading is also possible thanks to this boom box and we cannot forget its ability to provide high-quality sound.




Like other great products, this boom box has several disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • The battery notification on the display might only show two bars and never stops blinking in some these boom boxes
  • May have problem with its settings including time among others




Best Boombox has been around for a very long time and have continued to evolve with technology. In the past, users we limited to cassettes only but as time progressed, use of CDs and MP3s became possible. Today, with a good boom box such as the Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box, you have the chance to enjoy added benefits such as Bluetooth services.


The Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box is an example of a boom box that satisfies users all over the world. Coming from one of the best companies in the world, the player is able to rank high with only a few other brands competing with it. If you are considering to acquire any of these devices, the Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box can be a perfect choice.

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