DEWALT DCR015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger Radio Review

Based on the type of job that an individual performs on a day to day basis, they may need some entertainment on the side. Since some people love to listen to music when they work, a good radio that functions well can be a plus to making the day go by smoothly and much faster too. However, before an individual makes an investment into any electronic device that can play the music that a person wants to hear, it is best to do the research first. The research that buyers do should include a wide variety of different factors including deciding which features will fit their specific needs. Starting with the fact that this type of radio can be played remotely in any location of the worksite that they choose. Particularly, when there is no wall socket available in the area in which they work. So, the radio will need to be played with the use of a battery that can easily be charged over and over again. Also, it is important to have a radio that can easily be charged quickly every time that it is needed in order to reduce the amount of time that it takes to start playing music again.

So, for those of you who are interested in playing music selections on the job, you may want to consider the features, pros and the cons of buying a Dewalt dcr015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger Radio.


Features &  dewalt dcr015 review

– Radio comes with a 2 Amp Charger

– Manufacturers have included both Auxiliary and USB ports

– Compatible with: 12V & 20V MAX

– Comes available in the colors of Yellow and Black

– Comes with the added compatibility to connect to other electronic devices


dewalt dcr015 review



  • This worksite radio comes with a 2 amp charger so it is made for convenient access to the voltage needed to play a radio by workers who need music for entertainment on their jobs. • For the purposes of more flexibility, it has 2 AC power outlets including USB port capabilities.
  • Users have a diversity of functions, which includes a Class D amplifier, tweeters, and woofers. All of which can be used to give each user a full range of high and low sound for the maximum sound quality characteristics.
  • This radio has also been designed to runs off of 20V Max Dewalt and 12V Max batteries. Therefore, it is made for the user to get the power that they need via rechargeable and reusable battery power functions. • Radio has also been designed to access other media with ease since it has a USB port that gives the user the capability to connect to Portable Satellite Recovers, CD, MP3, along with other types of popular digital audio devices.
  • The storage box that it comes with has been made to protect various electronic devices dirt, debris and other things that can be found on a job site, Meaning when it is plugged into Aux or USB ports that no unnecessary problems will occur.
  • Manufacturer have made this device as easy to charge electronic so it has a Charge Time: of 90 Min or less, • Radio has been designed to be compatible with both 12V & 20V MAX power
  • Affordable pricing for the features and capabilities provided and has been made by a brand name manufacturer that is well-known for producing the highest quality products.



  • This later version is lacking in sound quality. The earlier versions were much more on point because they were louder.
  • Provides relatively good sound if it not being charged. However, when it is in the process of being charged, the user will hear a lot of unnecessary static in the background. The problem may be tracked backed to the quality of the antenna.



Overall, dewalt dcr015 review work site radio charge combination is ideal for a number of different reasons and purposes. In fact, people who love to listen to all kinds of music are often pleased to know that they can take this radio where ever they go on their job. The quality of the music is also superior so people can listen without being distracted by poor quality sound tracks. It is also great for those who want to connect to other devices in order to play their favorite CDs and much more. All of which is available at affordable price.


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